toddler snacktime with dad #shop

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

I love hanging out with Some Boy. I even like to take Some Boy on impromptu trips around the area I live. Whether it be up into the mountain areas, to the beach or even to go shopping at the local “manly” store of some sort, I like to just pick him up and go.

Lunchables Jr #shop

Some Boy loves to get up and go, too. Except, his food doesn’t pick up and go with him. You see, Some Boy is my son…and I’m very big. So Some Boy is big, which means he eats a LOT. Often. It is not always easy to feed this kid. I don’t like stopping at fast food places, but I’m not a great food packer when it comes to kid snacks. I grab a whole bunch of one type of food, and if they don’t like it then we’re all out of luck.

Lunchables Jr #shop

That’s where Lunchables Jr.’s come in with a variety of flavors in quick and easy packaging. We scoped this out while looking for snacks in the baby food aisle. Apparently it's exclusive to Walmart. It’s like a kid MRE, except it tastes WAY better. Some Boy thinks so, too. My favorite one to eat is the Teddy Grahams one because I can pretend I’m interrogating the Teddy Grahams…and let’s just say they don’t always talk. Some Boy isn’t so picky but I think he likes the one with the raisins and peanut butter.  They have dried fruit pieces in there, too. Gotta get those fruits and veggies where you can. Thanks #LunchablesJr!

Encouraging variety in kid snacks #shop

I also have fun with Some Boy by making the bears do headstands. It doesn’t look as cool when I make them do pushups. They do take the ‘suntan’ position really easily, though.