kid versions of songs

The minute you have a child, all of pop culture gets subverted. Traditional lyrics are replaced with kid versions of songs whether you like it or not. On a good day, I find myself rockin' out with SpongeBob's “You Better Swim.” On a bad day, I'm subjected to Katy Perry's “Hot N Cold” Sesame Street disaster.

Here are some of the weirder baby versions of songs we've found ourselves making up on the fly:

michael jackson song“I'm Looking at the Baby in the Mirror”

britney spears kid version“Oops, I Poo-Pooed Again”

pussycat dolls song“Doncha Wish Your Baby Was Cute Like Mine?”

madonna kid“Like A Baby (Rolling Over for the Very First Time)”

And then, of course, some lyrics don't get changed at all. But they do start to take on a whole new meaning:

baby got back kid version of songs“Baby Got Back”

“Baby I Love Your Way”

i'll be your baby tonight“I'll Be Your Baby Tonight”

“Hit Me Baby One More Time”

ooh baby baby“Oooh Baby Baby (Get Up on This)”

It's not just songs that get baby-fied, either. The other day, I found myself babbling to Some Boy in my best Jack Nicholson impression, “You want the poop? You can't HANDLE the poop!”

Another thing that becomes normal when you have a baby? Talking about poop. A lot.