kids playset

When I was eight years old, I went off to a two-night sleepover with a friend and came back to discover that my grandpa had built a kids playset in our backyard. It was a regular beam structure with two or three swings and it BLEW MY MIND. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the entire world. Part of me wishes that Some Boy were older so he could remember seeing his kid playset come together, because it was a pretty dang impressive feat of manpower watching this dream fort get constructed.

kids playset construction

Our Kids Playset from Sam's Club

Sam's Club sent over the Highlander Deluxe Cedar Playset for Some Boy, and Nate, Brian and Opa spent the better part of two days getting it all set up.

me on a kids playset

I would have helped but, being pregnant and all, couldn't do much lifting. I did take full advantage of the swingset as soon as the kids playset was up!

Uncle Brian and Some Boy

Some Boy put in his two cents as the resident foreman on the job.

kids rock wall playset

Some Boy's Playset

I thought he might be a little young to really enjoy the kids playset, but he took to it immediately, looking through the fort telescope, scrambling around the rock wall and “steering the ship.”

kids glider

This kid has loved swings ever since we got him one of those infant jumpers when he started sitting up on his own. He's a huge fan of the glider, and we've already ordered him a toddler seat so he can swing to his little heart's content.

Opa's playset

Opa decided the kids playset would go up on a hill overlooking the whole property, and now he's working on creating a cement platform and stairs leading up to the play area. The view from the top of the fort is absolutely stunning.

Sam's Club means some serious business with this kids playset. The swings are nice and high with strong cedar and heavy-duty iron components. And with three levels of play space, I don't foresee the little guy getting bored anytime soon. And the accessories: a slide, climbing wall, swings, glider and fun toys like a telescope and steering wheel! Plus, there's a nice open space on the bottom level that serves well as a toy storage area. Did I mention that it even has a little picnic table? I can totally picture us having tea parties down on the first level. Yes, tea parties. That's how me and my little boy roll.

The backyards at both our place in the suburbs AND the country home are constantly undergoing various revamps, and I know that several more pieces from the Sam's Club backyard line will inevitably be making appearances. I've had my eye on one of those umbrellas for quite some time, and I definitely need to either pick up some accent pillows to renew our backyard seating, or just buy a whole new set.

kids playset

As I was browsing all the backyard equipment and admiring the sturdy construction on all of Sam's Clubs' pieces, I started contemplating just how long we'll have our kids playset. Probably a really long time, considering the stained cedar is extremely durable and resistant to decay. And THEN the weirdest thought occurred to me: I'm totally willing to bet that one day, Some Boy will be sneaking girlfriends up to the top of his fort. Is it strange for me to feel a little jealous that I never had an awesome make-out fort?

Maybe I'll just claim this one for myself!