winter clouds

The weather's been oddly sporadic here in San Diego lately, alternating from cheery sun to ominous clouds in a heartbeat.

kids winter walking

It's been putting a bit of a damper on our favorite family pastime: neighborhood walks! Nate and I both loved meandering around our little communities with our families when we were kids, and we want our own children to grow up with an appreciation for these little things, too. But the chilly weather was keeping us indoors for awhile since we didn't have any good kids' winter clothes. Some Boy didn't even have a pair of close-toed shoes when this gross weather spell hit. I know I can't really complain about living in one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but it's rough when you're totally unprepared for the elements.

online shopping

I hopped onto Cookie's Kids, our usual go-to website for kids' clothing, and picked out some adorable hi-tops for the little guy, along with some cute beanie and scarf sets for both kids.

buying kids winter clothes

The forty-year-old company was started by two brothers in New York and while they still have seven stores in the area, my favorite finds are online! They've recently introduced this cool new feature called Alva Kids that lets you input your child's measurements and then auto-select the correct size while you're shopping.

kids winter outing

Some Boy wasn't an immediate fan of the hat and scarf set (the kid has a serious problem with hats), but he got over it and got distracted visiting the neighbor's dog, MoJo. So for any other parents out there whose kids also refuse hats: don't give up hope! The power of distraction goes a long way.

winter clothes for babies

Sidekick was a little easier to gussy up in his cute little outfit. I ordered him an adorable baby beanie (not to be confused with Beanie Babies…haha) with gray, baby blue and brown stripes that complemented his brother's outfit really well.

kids winter shoes

Now almost our entire family is geared-up for the season. I probably should have bought Sidekick some booties, too. These socks won't cut it if the weather stays like this for much longer.

kids winter

We've been trying to get a decent shot of the boys together since Sidekick was born, but this is about the best I can do. Some Boy always gives his brother sweet little kisses and offers the camera a great shot of the back of his head.

kids winter outfit

Is the weather getting in the way of your family time? What do you need to complete your kids' winter wardrobes? Check out Cookie's Kids online, on Twitter or on Facebook! And when you shop on Cookie's Kids now through 12/21/12, you can save 10% with discount code somedayilllearn. Happy shopping!

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