sad furniture
This is what happens when you buy furniture just because it's cheap
…and then your toddler decides to chew on it.

Our furniture situation's been a little sad lately and I'm in that full-blown nesting phase where I want to get everything perfect before the baby comes. I told Nate I'd like to upgrade our living area a little bit and, being a dude, he naturally recommended we add some La-Z-Boy furniture to our seating arrangement. He wanted a couple recliners to get that “theater feel.” I had two problems with that. First, I can't help but picture my grandpa when I think of La-Z-Boy. Second, I know exactly who would occupy those recliners constantly. Nate and Brian would park their comfortable butts in front of the TV and I'd still be relegated to a ratty old couch. Not happening.

The “new” La-Z-Boy: furniture we can all agree on

Nate convinced me that the company's undergone a whole reinvention recently and that they would definitely have something that we could both agree on. La-Z-Boy happened to be hosting special Grand Openings for two locations in San Diego and wanted me to come check it out. So, dear readers, I went and spent hours sitting in comfort as research. To see what this “new and improved” La-Z-Boy furniture was all about.

furniture shopping
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Turns out there's a whole lot more to La-Z-Boy furniture than my childhood memories of grandpa snoozing in the corner. It's classy and stylish and…modern.

La-Z-Boy furniture store San Diego
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I got to chat with the La-Z-Boy furniture executives for quite awhile and they were all super nice and helpful. The faces behind the company are fresh and fun, much like the company's new direction. Did you know that Brooke Shields is their spokesperson? Seems totally fitting, when you get to see one of their new showrooms. The atmosphere is a laid-back, easy chic that I'm constantly trying to accomplish in my own home.

La-Z-Boy furniture consultation
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The company even offers free in-home design consultations to help you get the perfect look from La-Z-Boy furniture. Their consultants at the in-store Design Centers were really helpful and understanding of my need to find something cute (for me), comfortable (for Nate) and kid-proof (for Some Boy).

James La-Z-Boy furniture

La-Z-Boy furniture you'll find in our house

We're still tossing around a few different ideas, but I'm leaning towards this James reclining sofa. The covering is a beautiful, soft upholstery that looks and feels like broken-in leather. I'm told it holds up to spills better than a lot of the fabric options I was looking at. It reclines, so we get the comfort we're after. And conveniently, it would look good if we decided to use it near our current couch (a small tan microfiber piece that still has a lot of life left in it but is just getting too small). That would leave more room in the budget for some fun accent pieces. I actually love the whole setup in this picture, and am trying to talk Nate into a similar coffee table and a purple accent wall. Like that'll ever happen.

La-Z-Boy furniture store san diego
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If you're in the San Diego area, check out the two new La-Z-Boy furniture locations: San Marcos at 188 Knoll Road and La Mesa at 8185 Fletcher Parkway. Both are hosting Grand Opening Sales through September 24, with 25% off throughout the store and the option of a 36 month special financing plan!

This post is sponsored by La-Z-Boy furniture. All opinions are my own.