Duet Steam Front-Load

I can do laundry from my phone.

Well, almost.

laundry day?

Nate and I have had a few laundry catastrophes in the past. In fact, in his wedding vows he included a promise to never dry my delicates on high heat again.

Hand to God, people. This is a big deal for us.

kids in diapers

For awhile, we started just letting our kids run around sans clothes because our laundry routine was THAT messed up. I'd stick stuff in the wash and then go out of town, coming home to find a barrel full of mildew because somebody didn't put it in the dryer. Don't even get me started on the cloth diapers. Those things have such a detailed routine that if I'm not there to monitor every single step, they inevitably get soaked or rinsed incorrectly and repel water for weeks.

Nate has a special wash routine for his work outfits, the kid stuff gets done differently than the dirty dish towels which are kept separate from the Dryel items. It's a lot to keep track of.

Laundry - yes, there's an app for that

Enter the laundry app.

Yes, there's an app for that. The Whirlpool WashSquad app gets everyone on the same page, letting you assign laundry tasks to the whole family and track and reward their completed chores. It offers custom laundry guides tailored to your Whirlpool washer and dryer, and features a Stain Eraser Guide and Fabric Coach to help families get through the toughest loads together. Now I don't have to worry about Nate hassling me or running to the dry cleaner for every tiny little stain.

Perfectly clean laundry. Less stress. More playing in the grass…with grape juice! And ketchup! And bacon grease! The laundry mess-making options are limitless.

Whirlpool Washsquad

Did I mention that it's a free download? Free is always good.

This post is sponsored by Whirlpool through the Niche Parent Network. All opinions are my own.