I've gotten incredibly effort-averse in recent days, with lots of lazy shopping online and doing my best to avoid housework as much as possible. With my belly burgeoning out of sight and Some Boy entertained in the backyard now that the weather's finally cooled a bit, I avoid leaving the house because frankly, I don't want to get out of my pajamas. They're comfortable. It's cozy. I deserve a couple months of vegging around before the new baby comes.

mid-day pajamas
Me, lounging in my pajamas mid-day before having any kids. I guess I can't blame it ALL on the babies.

I've become quite skilled at conserving my energy. It's all about delegating and making efficient use of technology. Having the pizza boy bring in the mail for you (of course you have to tip extra for that), borrowing those motorized scooters at the store so you don't have to walk, doing everything humanly possible online instead of in-person. Once I thought I heard the UPS truck outside, but rather than going to the door to check, I logged onto UPS.com to see my shipping status. Welcome to lazy shopping in the 21st century.

Lazy Shopping with the Walgreens App

lazy shopping made easy at walgreens

This is why I was SO excited to hear that Walgreens recently launched a new rewards program that applies to in-store AND online purchases. I've been buying a lot of my household items online already. The trouble is, in addition to being incredibly lazy I'm also incredibly cheap. I can't stand the fact that I don't get any sort of cash back/points on my online purchases and can't score the great deals I can find in-store on everyday items. So I was pretty much giddy at the idea of being rewarded with my online purchases through Walgreens the same way I would with my in-store buys.

walgreens balance rewards loyalty card

You simply sign up for the Balance Rewards loyalty card (this can be done in-store or via the app from the Android Google Play Store or iPhone App Store, which is how I did it above). The Walgreens Balance Rewards Loyalty Card lets you earn points when you purchase from Walgreens in-store or online. Those points can be redeemed for Walgreens Redemption Dollars. 5,000 points is $5, 18,000 points is $20, and 40,000 points is $50.

lazy shopping with the walgreens app

You can easily browse categories online or through the app to buy all sorts of stuff you usually find in-store. I used the app to search for our usual toilet paper brand. Toilet paper is one of those things I'm constantly getting online because I don't want to go to the store for such tedious things. Lazy shopping at its finest.

saving on online shopping

I was really impressed with Walgreen's online prices, and saw that a lot of their in-store promotions were available on the website and app as well. I always look on sites like RetailMeNot to save even more through online coupons.

shopping with an app

Our shipping would have been free, but I ordered so many toilet paper and baby wipes packages that it put my total purchase weight over the 10 pound free shipping maximum. Still, $0.48 shipping is less than I'd spend on gas and a whole heck of a lot less than comparable online shopping venues. I took advantage of a buy one get one half off offer on hair bands and got two packages of hair bands, two packages of toilet paper, and three packages of baby wipes for about $27, including shipping.

shopping online with a credit card

I really liked that I was able to enter my credit card directly into the app and save it for future checkouts. This'll make my lazy shopping life even easier. I get annoyed when I constantly have to fetch my card for online purchases from sites I frequently visit.

I can't be the only one out there on a mission to reach the pinnacle of lazy shopping, can I? How do you save time and money at the store?

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