I've tutored and taught kids of all ages and there is one commonality at every levels: flash cards work. From the ABCs to multiplication tables, the repetition and visualization really helps hammer concepts into kids' brains. One day, we'll use flash cards to teach Some Boy. We've already started showing him pictures of family members that he doesn't necessarily get to see all the time, and repeating their names. Goosie Cards takes this whole process up a level with custom flash cards. They can include any photo and any text, so you can teach your kids everything from zoo animals to food names, or simply make a flash card set to commemorate a favorite vacation.

goosie flash cards

We ordered some cards from Goosie with family members' photos and words for what we call each of them. Some Boy gets really excited seeing all their faces, and the simple terms like “Papa” and “Nana” will be easy for him to practice when he starts reading one day, too!

walgreens goosie

Goosie has partnered with Walgreens for easy flash card printing and shipping directly to customers. The uploading and customization process is really simple on the Walgreens website, and customers can choose from lots of photo borders and options like whether or not they want each card hole-punched. My readers can save 15% with discount code goolearn15.