lessons last forever with children

It struck me yesterday that Some Boy is at the age where he'll actually remember things. The words and lessons that we impart to him today could stay in his brain for a lifetime, eking their way out at opportune (or inopportune) moments.

exposing children to different people and perspectives

The classic definition of attachment parents, we take these kids almost everywhere we go. They see such an incredible variety of people and things, and I alternately worry and rejoice over what will stick with them.

military veteran

I want to expose them to the wondrous and inspirational things that life has to offer. Here in our rural enclave of San Diego, we are surrounded by heroes: our friends are athletes, military veterans, first responders. My children have interacted with incredible people from the day they were born, learning about health and work and perseverance.

Our life is beautiful, and with proper care and knowledge our children have the hope of an even better future. A future that starts today.

Nate fathering the children in public

Going through the ups and downs and joys and fears of parenthood now for the third time, I'm incredibly aware of my actions and how they impact my children. I try so hard not to stress the small things, because what I want more than anything is to show my children an example of joyful living. I've been continuing my work with Fisher-Price and having a lot of discussions about parenting advice with fellow moms and dads who I respect and admire.

What I've taken away above everything else is the true community of family. As individual as this experience is from person-to-person, we all want what is best. We all seek balance, juggling our needs and our children's, trying to impart lessons that really matter.

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If you could visit yourself as a kid, what lessons would you share?