life goals determination

I once broke up with a guy, in part, because he didn't fit into my “life plan” or “life goals.” I've always had a rough outline of how my life was going to go. It's changed on occasion, but for the most part followed some version of this:

  • Attend UCLA
  • Write for a living
  • Move to San Diego
  • Have kids before I'm 30
  • Buy a house

I remember actually saying to this guy, “I want a white picket fence, marriage, church fellowship. You want to be a drifter and get involved in politics or some nonsense like that.” Probably freaked the heck out of the poor dude but hey, I tell it like it is and I just wasn't feeling it. I have my priorities and have been pretty quick to cut out things (and people) that don't contribute to my life goals. I have a severe disdain for playing games, which is probably why Nate and I make such a great match. I've never met someone with a lower tolerance for BS.

life goals: marriage

Life Goals: Check, check, check

Anyway, it dawned on me the other day that my life is almost exactly as I envisioned it at this point. I have the happy marriage, the family, the career I wanted, we even just bought our dream house! It makes me so giddy and so terrified all at once because you know what? That's as far as I planned. I have the indefinite goal of writing a book one day, but that's a work in progress which is slowly but surely coming along in spurts. A good book can't be rushed, so I'm not stressing that part of my life goals. It'll happen eventually.

life goals: college

What next?

But then what, when your major life goals are accomplished? What do you do when the road you've so carefully paved…ends? I'm left with uncharted territory which is extremely strange for an obsessive planner like myself. I have an empty plot here with a surprisingly solid foundation. Sure, I have a mortgage to pay off and business commitments and kids to actually raise, but what's beyond that? Do I just enjoy life now and maintain what I started? Do I set new goals? Do I start plowing another trail? It's scary, and awesome, to think that I may have reached my peak in life and that this is IT.

life goals: kids

This is exactly everything I always wanted.