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I was blessed with an easy pregnancy. I never had morning sickness, false labor or any of the many complications you hear about. Then I was blessed with an easy labor. Yep, I'm ruining it for all women out there by saying labor was easy (I took the drugs) and found myself snuggling a quiet little almost 8 lb. baby girl. Easy! Fast forward a few months and I was in baby hell.

Life insurance, insurance for stay at home parents

That quiet baby woke up after a couple of days and was angry as can be and stayed that way for most of the first year. Colic, severe reflux and hydronephrosis – a condition requiring a major surgery at 9 months old. If I got 3 hours of sleep a night it was a miracle. I was a walking zombie until Kayla was about 15 months old and the madness stopped.

And then I started taking care of all the things that my husband Craig and I had neglected as parents because we were too exhausted to think about them. Like college savings – a phrase that gives me hives. We opened an account for that and started socking money away. Problem solved. Then sometime around Kayla's second birthday I had a minor freak out because I realized once again we'd forgotten something and how could we have? Life insurance. DUH. We were putting hundreds of dollars a month towards college savings but what if something happened to one of us in the near future? It's something no one wants to think about but doing something about it is clearly the responsible thing.

life insurance safety net life insurance for stay at home parents

So we got Craig set up with a term life insurance policy. After all, I was working part time and making far less money than I made before having Kayla. So it was really his income we'd need to replace if anything happened, right? Wrong! Well, right and wrong. Sure, Craig is the main breadwinner in the house and we couldn't survive without his income. Mine felt insignificant compared to his but forget my part time work. What about all of the work that goes into being a mom? Cooking, cleaning, playing chauffeur and general caretaker.

Why stay-at-home parents need insurance: Could you afford to pay someone to do everything you do?

If I was gone who would take care of all of that? I remember thinking at that moment that my child was 2 and her father didn't even know how to strap her into the stroller or prepare a bite sized meal for her. There was no doubt that if I didn't wake up tomorrow he'd need help. Big time help.

While I was busy making sure Kayla had BPA free sippy cups and organic fruit and that my husband kept a low sodium diet and got plenty of time to go to the gym I had neglected to realize that the most important thing I could give them was a safety net. A guarantee that if anything ever happens to me while she's young that at least there will be a way to help close the gap with her care and provide the things I care so much about that cost a little more like safer sunscreen and healthier food. After beating myself up about it for a few days I finally moved forward and got a policy of my own. Genworth Financial had a ton of helpful resources to make the process easy. Now I pay $25 a month for peace of mind and enough life insurance to guarantee that no matter what happens in the future, I know the little girl I care about more than anything in the world will be taken care of.

Doesn't that seem worth it?