Wondering what life with three kids is like? I'm dishing on some of the down-and-dirty details today in a video blog.

Life with three kids

If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, you're missing out on some insights “behind the curtain,” so to speak, here at Someday I'll Learn! Like last week, where I decided to shed light on one of the rougher weeks spent parenting three children.

Honestly, it's not even that the kids themselves are making things challenging lately. It's the fact that I'm already stretched a little thin and don't have the capacity to handle it when other things inevitably go wrong. It's tax season (the check I wrote to the government last week could have funded a small automobile) along with all of the technology in my life seeming to break ALL at once. What gives, universe!?

When you feel overwhelmed...quote

I have a friend who swears it's all related to the stars and Mercury being in retrograde or somesuch planetary alignment stuff. I think it's God giving me a wake-up call to leave more breathing room in my life. Less work, more down time with the family. Maybe, even, a little room for quiet contemplation. Or reading a book.

I've been so busy, there's hardly been room for God lately, come to think of it. No bueno.

Phew. So. That was uplifting, amiright? Well, it feels better getting the thoughts out of my head. I like the idea of doing a little confessional each week in video format. I'll try to keep updating them over here on the blog but…well…I get busy and I can't make any promises. So you should subscribe. Nate and I have also been doing some fun reviews of our favorite things lately. Not sponsored, just stuff we happen to love.

Let's end this on a high note, shall we? If you are also dealing with some parenting/general life turmoil, here are a few things to cheer you up:

  • Ayden has shown an affinity for art his entire life, and at 12 years old his parents have given him the coolest creative outlet ever. He makes t-shirts that highlight a cartoon banana in various states of being. Feeling surf-y? Peaceful? Want to chop up a salad? loneSON has a banana shirt just for you, all locally printed in Los Angeles.
  • We're working with the #StreamTeam and seeing some exciting stuff ahead in the Netflix lineup, like this Dreamworks Dragons original series. If your kids like Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the How to Train your Dragon team, they'll be smitten with glee come June.
  • The wristlet that I take EVERYWHERE is now available in solid black. That may not mean much to you, but it's the newest item on my must-have list. It's weirdly hard to find a clutch that's both stylish AND functional AND immune from my children's destruction. This one from Cinda B is like an oversized wallet that I can clip to my baby carrier when I need a free hand. And it's machine washable!!
  • Plums are in season. Yay! This paleo plum sauce is my current guilt-free culinary obsession.

How's your week going?