little angels roma downey

Last week, Some Boy and I went up to LA to chat with “Touched By an Angel” star Roma Downey about her new project, “Little Angels.” She's created this new faith-based DVD program to help teach preschoolers about God in an entertaining way, and is hoping to spread the word among parents like myself. Roma voices the mom in the show, which features eight angels with different personalities watching over a pair of 4-year-old twins. I got to watch some previews from the DVDs – which are being released today – and they're really cute, with humor for parents interlaced throughout and character quirks to keep kids engaged. I found it amusing that the Bible character Joshua inexplicably has an English accent and Noah sounds like he's from the Bronx. As Roma says, “It's all about capturing the kids' attention and not going into so much detail that it confuses them.”

meeting roma downey

I grew up watching Roma on TV and always thought she seemed like a sweet person, and she truly it immensely kind-hearted is in real life. She told a story about how she used to volunteer in a hospital and happened into a room where a child had just died tragically. She said that the child's mother turned to her and exclaimed, “Monica!” (that's the name of the character Roma played in “Touched by an Angel”) “I was hoping God would send an angel to take my baby to heaven, and here you are.”

Roma was too surprised and touched to tell the woman that she was not actually an angel, and later told her costar Della Reese that she felt strange about misleading the grieving mother. “She thought I was sent by God,” Roma lamented. Della Reese, without skipping a beat, reassured her. “Who says you aren't?”

geffen playhouse

The intimate event in LA was at the gorgeous Geffen Playhouse, literally around the corner from Nate and I's old apartment. I can't believe we never got over there to see a show! I'm going to make it a point on one of our trips up there to take him by the theatre.

little angels roma downey event food

And the food? Oh. My. Gosh. They had everything from cheese to fruit to whoopie pies, cake pops and some delicious macaroni cupcakes that I'm totally going to be knocking off for Some Boy's upcoming first birthday party.