Live Fully

From time to time here, I've mentioned my quest to Live Fully. My bucket list of sorts. I occasionally chronicle my attempts to conquer the overly-cautious older child within and say “Yes” to things I might normally say “Gross” or “Why?” or “You must be out of your frickin mind” to.

Some of you have asked if I have a list of the things I want to accomplish during my life, and I actually do. It's my bonafide Live Fully list. It's not complete and it changes often, but here it is so far:

See the northern lightsLive fully

Swim with a dolphinLive fully swim with dolphins

Live in an apartment with a great view (Los Angeles, 2004)

Plant a treebucket list plant a tree

Learn to ballroom dance

Ride a mechanical bull

Write a bookLive fully write a book

Be someone's mentor

Be part of a flash mob (BlogHer 2011)

Swim under a waterfall (Yelapa, 2007 and Kauai, 2009)bucket list waterfall

Sleep under the stars (Grand Canyon, 2009)

Ride the highest/fastest/steepest roller coaster in the worldLive fully roller coaster

Go up in a hot-air balloon (Temecula, 2010)Live fully hot air balloon

Attend one really amazing rock concert (The Cure, 2008)

Get my scuba diving license

Learn to play the guitar

Create my own website

Go to Europebucket list Europe

Fly first class

Make someone cry of happiness (my dad at my wedding)

Visit New YorkLive fully New York

Learn how to sailbucket list sail

See a solar eclipse (2003)

Eat a meal good enough to be my last

Stand up to a someone intimidatingLive fully

Swim naked

Learn Germanbucket list German

Shoot a gun

Ride in a helicopter (Catalina, 2008 and Kauai, 2008)Live fully helicopter

Go snorkeling in a shipwreck

Go zorbing

See Machu PicchuLive fully Machu Picchu

Milk a cow

Own a pond

Ride a camelbucket list camel

Be at peace with my past

Catch fish from a hole in the ice (Anchorage, 2007)

Have my heart broken, and recoverLive fully heartbroken

Go dogsledding

Learn to surf

See penguins in their natural habitatbucket list penguin

Go skydiving

What about you…what's on your “bucket list”? What things do you want to do to Live Fully?