living room before

I'm sure you all recall from our house tour that our living room was orange when we moved in. Really, really, glaringly bright orange. Let's just call a spade a spade: it looked like an oompa loompa threw up in our family area. So the living room makeover was first on our list of house projects.

living room makeover

Now, after our living room makeover, the space has been transformed into this lovely mottled white color!

Just kidding.

That's the primer we had to use to cover up the orange. There was no getting around the fact that we needed to return the living room to a semi-neutral color before trying to paint it with something new. Otherwise, the orange would have shown through for sure.

Our Living Room Makeover

living room makeover

We landed on this light peach color for our living room makeover. Not my first choice (at all), but Nate staked his claim on decorating the living room since I've pretty much taken over everything else. His initial idea was to do a “cowboy western” theme…soooo we're both learning to compromise a little. He got to pick the rustic-looking reclining sofa from La-Z-Boy as well as the rug (which has been ordered and should arrive soon) and the wall decor, which is also in the works. I'm slowly but surely adding in my own more modern-looking accents, like that cute little love seat. More on that in a minute.

living room furniture

The rest of our furniture made the trip from our previous home and fits in pretty nicely. That little corner chair was originally part of a sectional, but it was damaged so we got it for $100 at Ashley. I love that thing. Our old couch is now in Nate's office. Eventually we plan to wall-mount the television, but for now we have this child-safe entertainment system that we bought at Best Buy awhile back for $300. We definitely could have done better, but Some Boy had rapidly become mobile and we were desperate for a quick solution to keep him from pulling the TV onto himself.

living room fan

This big ceiling fan came with the house and Nate likes it, but I'm not entirely sold. Guests always comment on it when they visit and the most often-used word is “interesting.” I'm not sure if they mean “cool” interesting or “that's the strangest thing I've ever seen someone stick on their ceiling” interesting. The jury's still out.

drop light

And in the corner you'll notice the single source of light for the room: this orange drop lamp.

orange light

It's a cute little accent, but at night the light shines through these orange encasings and…guess what? The entire room looks orange again! It's maddening. I tried scratching the orange off the glass, but it's actually dyed that color. I wish I could replace the orange pieces somehow, but I don't even know where to start looking. I'm sure I'll come up with something crafty, or we'll end up replacing the whole light. Any ideas?

blue love seat

And this here is my most recent Craigslist score. A nice couple nearby had this little love seat custom made for a space in their living room. They got it home and discovered that they had given the furniture maker the wrong measurements. Whoops. So I snagged it at less than a third the price they paid!

blue love seat

It's absolutely the perfect size for this entryway spot. Next up in our living room makeover: adding the rug, the wall hangings, and repainting the border (as you can see in the picture above, it oddly changes from brown to white in certain spots). I'm also planning to talk Nate into letting me paint the fireplace area some sort of accent color, like charcoal, to give the room some contrast.