When we opted for wide, open spaces for our new house, we knew we were letting go of the convenience we'd gotten used to in the suburbs. No more easy access to the grocery store or community parks, no quick take-out meals or unplanned trips to Rite Aid. I've started exploring our options out here in the country, including our “local cuisine,” and it's a whole new world. The nearest place to eat is 10 minutes further into the backwoods, a little farmstead that dishes up sustainable food in a unique log cabin-esque setting with a creek running through. I need to hop on over there and take some pictures to share with you all soon. But when I'm looking for a take-out meal for the whole family, I have to head into town. Or, “down the hill,” as we call it. The hill is actually a giant cliff that scares visitors away from coming to stay. No joke.

local drive through

Local Cuisine: What on Earth do People EAT in the Boonies?

Down the hill, our local cuisine options at the nearest shopping center include IHOP, Dairy Queen and Arby's. To me, IHOP is a sit-down place and not great for when I'm in a hurry. I like DQ ice cream but I'm not big on their meal choices. Would you believe that I'd never had Arby's before? Seriously. I had no idea what to expect. But it had a drive-through and pictures of tasty-looking sandwiches in the window.


Their newest item is the Grand Turkey Club, served on a wheat bun with sliced roast turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Mmmm…bacon. Mmmmm…turkey. I've been craving hot deli meat sandwiches constantly throughout this pregnancy and have often said that someone should make a drive-through sandwich place. Little did I know, it already existed.

local cuisine arby's

I picked up an order of their Grand Turkey Club last time I was in town, along with their iconic roast beef sandwich that they're so well known for and some of their potato pancakes (which are like really big fries) and onion rings. I like that they do have many of the typical drive-through options, but they have healthier-tasting, less fatty sandwiches available as well. They even offer a salad option as a combo side.

It's nice to know there's a quick drive-through option for local cuisine around here…and it's food that actually survives the 20-minute trek back home. Pretty sure I've found my go-to drive-through place for whenever I'm out picking up groceries. Or when one of my frequent pregnancy cravings strike. Which reminds me: have I mentioned that the hospital I'm supposed to give birth at is now 45 minutes away?!? Sooo yeah. That'll be interesting.

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