In the small town where I grew up, we had a single movie theater and it was THE place to be on Friday nights. Tickets were cheap, popcorn was a must-have, and it had plush red seats that I'm sure were the scene of more than a few make out sessions. It was out of the way and kind of a pain in the neck to get to, but that was part of the charm. The theater was the destination that we all looked forward to. I'm always hoping for that same local movie theater feel when I go out nowadays, but more often than not I'm met with rowdy mall rat crowds, headache parking situations and pricey tickets. Not quite the charming date night I'm after.

local movie theater deal

For locals who feel the same way as I do, I found a good deal that I'm snagging up for UltraStar Cinemas: $15 for two movie tickets and a bucket of popcorn. I love these theaters because they don't charge an arm and a leg and they're usually in quieter neighborhoods without all the retail craze edging on on the movie theater experience. They have a bunch of these around Orange County and some through San Diego and the rest of SoCal. Go snag it on OCSavertime!

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