Starbucks box

I suppose I love Starbucks in every season. I love sipping iced lattes in short shorts under the hot sun. I love minty syrups for the holidays and petite favorites at Eastertime. On Valentine's Day, I get Starbucks gift card notes of appreciation from friends who know me oh-so-well. But I especially love the feeling of frothy pumpkin and gingerbread in the fall.


The golden bags beckon and cozy sweaters call. My baristas mix up complementing flavors like salt and caramel with a familiar hand. Perhaps it's because I'm from Seattle, but I get the feeling this adoration of our caffeinated crush is universal.

I've gotten a first taste of Starbucks Vanilla and Caramel K-Cups and they're now my go-to flavors for cozying up by the fire. Pop one in your handy single cup brewer and it's coffee time for one, without even having the make a trek to your local Starbucks. Which is a good thing, because it's cold out there. Snuggle up in those Uggs and hunker down with a mug!