mama and toddler #lovehealthyme

One of the things I've committed to this year is being more diligent about loving myself. The last week in particular, I've focused on being kind to me and my body, consciously setting aside time every single day. I've gotten a couple nights of full sleep – 8 whole hours just for me! It's making a difference in my attitude, in my general outlook and in my energy.

parking the car far away #lovehealthyme

Energy that's now being used to fuel my day. While running errands, I've made note to park on the far end of the parking lot, giving me a little more fresh air and a chance (a small chance, but it all adds up) to get in a little more exercise than normal. Loving myself is largely about taking better care of my body.

taking time to adventure with family #lovehealthyme

I've gotten active with the family, gathering for picnics and hiking adventures near our home.

fruits and vegetables #lovehealthyme

I've gotten more fruit and vegetables every single day! Smoothies and quick grab-and-go snacks such as bananas or Halos.

helping family #lovehealthyme

Most important of all, I'm allowing myself to have a little “me time.” I've asked family and friends take the kids for quick breaks. An hour here, an hour there. It's making a big difference. I feel more centered. More peaceful. I'm loving myself by remembering that I have interests and talents beyond diapers and sippy cups. I'm actually reading books again. I'm reinvigorated at the potential for my life and the thought of all the love I'm surrounded by.

Day by day, I'm getting better at loving myself and being a healthier person with this simple start.

How do you show love for the health of your mind and body?