macy's cooking school

I discovered something amazing this weekend. Something that combines two of my greatest loves: MACY'S and FOOD. Did you guys know about Macy's cooking schools? It's the very best of shopping and eating, with free demonstrations from world-famous chefs in select cities.

cooking class with family

Colby's getting all into cooking lately (I just donated my old KitchenAid to her when Oma upgraded mine for Christmas), so she enjoyed a demo and some tasty treats from none other than Nancy Silverton!

macy's culinary council

Macy's School of Cooking here in San Diego hosted the co-owner of the Mozza line of fine restaurants and she shared her biggest tips and secrets. Note to self: I must try cooking with kale. Chef Nancy is big on kale. I fully intend to order her kale salad at Osteria Mozza next time I'm up in Los Angeles. Chef Nancy Silverton offered some helpful salad-making tips such as using only kosher salt (a rule I've been following for years!), massaging the dressing into the leaves and layering the ingredients to get a little bit of everything in each bite.

macy's cooking school

The spacious demonstration kitchen was full to the brim, standing-room-only. And it's no surprise. After I got a look at Nancy Silverton's colorful, playful dishes…I was downright smitten, too.

mozza cookbook

Naturally, Nancy's own book was on display and available to purchase for those who wanted to oooooh and aaaah or just make themselves hungry. I went to lunch at Ruby's Diner right after the demo and I must say, it was a severe letdown after spending an hour in the presence of Nancy's culinary flair.

mozza cookbook

The book is filled with drool-worthy photos and authentic recipes from Chef Silverton's Italian heritage. The pages are brimming with awe-inspiring favorites like Fresh Ricotta and Egg Ravioli with Brown Butter and creative touches like Olive Oil Gelato that I'm dying to try myself.

macy's cook book

As if the free lesson and food wasn't sweet enough already, Macy's was giving away copies of the Macy's Culinary Council Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook to customers who purchased $35 or more from the Macy's Home store. The book features talented chefs including Nancy Silverton, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and more. To learn about Macy's cooking school events in your area (or just to gape at all the tasty amazingness), visit the Macy's Culinary Council website.

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