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Last week, Anthology hosted the inaugural InfluenceSD awards to honor influential social media users in the community. It was a blast. While content on my blog doesn't always have a particular community focus, I've been fortunate to be welcomed into this city by a warm and talented group of people. When I first visited San Diego at 12 years old on a layover with my mom, I immediately declared that San Diego was the best place in the entire world. Impressed by the laid-back and friendly attitude of everyone I encountered, I decided that San Diego would one day be my home. And as I've mentioned before, I have a propensity to get what I want!

Before heading to the awards, I went with my good friend Stacey Ross (owner of San Diego Bargain Mama) to get my very first makeover at Estie's International. Estie is launching a new makeup line and decided to let a couple lucky bloggers debut his work at InfluenceSD. As someone who is passionate about small business, I was on board the second Stacey asked me!  I have to give serious props to Estie for working wonders with my skin. The pre-wedding stress has been making it do terrible things lately. Bad, bad skin! So that's the very first thing he took care of.

Estie's International
Photo Courtesy of my friend CJ from Public Remix, an agency that's doing wonderful things with social media!

He also gave me great tips on how to deal with my annoyingly greasy hair (did you know you're not supposed to put conditioner on the crown of your head?) and used some of his product “Hair Shit” (yes, that's its real name. He also has shampoo called, “Gets that Crap Out”!) to tame my flyaways. Here's Stacey and I with Estie before heading to the big event:

Estie's International InfluenceSD

InfluenceSD was great. I'd never been to Anthology before and was really impressed with the intimate vibe – with over 350 people in attendance! Best of all, I got to meet SAM THE COOKING GUY!!!

Sam the Cooking Guy InfluenceSD

Having lived in LA for six years, I don't tend to get too tongue-tied at the sight of a celebrity. But I LOVE Sam the Cooking Guy. I mean, I write a blog largely centered around cooking and other domestic stuff and how intimidating it can be. My whole goal is to simplify it all. And Sam does exactly that on his show and in his books. He's provided the reference guide for countless meals throughout my slow transition from college life into the real world. So I was oddly beside myself. I'm pretty sure I said something really stupid like, “Oh-my-god-I-love-you-I'm-such-a-big-fan.” I might have added “I'll have your babies” or “Please, please, feed me your delicious food!” I don't really remember. I should have asked why he had to call out my rowdy friends in the back (love ya, girls!) or commented that while I absolutely adore his red pepper soup, it gives my whole family the runs. ANYTHING would have been better than my grovel-worshipping. Nate, of course, doesn't let anything faze him. He patted Sam the Cooking Guy on the shoulder and said, “Hey! I eat your food! Can't you tell?!” while happily gesturing to his stomach.

Sam the Cooking Guy InfluenceSD