whole foods encinitas

Wow, we are just chock full of Whole Foods goodness lately. Truly.

holiday wreaths at Whole Foods

On our days off, it's become kind of a habit of ours to head on out to Encinitas (our closest Whole Foods location) and gander at all the festive goodies. And in the full spirit of hectic holidays, we never EVER have a list when we show up. We wander in aimlessly as a family, hungry and not particularly sure what we'll land on, and Nate invariable hassles some produce employee for tips on what food is freshest and best this time of year. It makes for a fun food adventure all around.

Apparently it isn't a “normal” thing for families to have a relationship with their grocers nowadays, because we always get a little surprised smirk from the employees. They clearly don't get asked their opinion very often, and they're happy to share. They are knowledgeable experts in their field, so I figure we should let everyone do what they do best. We're happy to have them “make our meal,” so to speak, suggesting the best pairings from start to finish. Even if I bomb every weeknight recipe from Monday through Friday, on Saturdays we have a well-put-together feast fit for the festive season.

So it dawned on us.

asparagus, couscous and top sirloin with Prisoner wine from Whole Foods

Why not spread our laissez faire meal attitude to the whole world?

And that's how this was born. Come along, readers, on our latest “Make My Meal” adventure!

Thanks, Roger, for teaching us that food doesn't have to be complicated to be good. All you need is some well-seasoned meat, the right drink and a couple easy sides. Roger also helped us pick out a wine called The Prisoner. It's a blend of different Napa Valley wines and it is AWESOME. A couple people up in the checkout line were eyeing it and talking about how it was one of their faves as well.

whole foods dressing rehearsal

If you're local here in San Diego, I highly encourage you to go say “Hi!” to the friendly folks at the Encinitas Whole Foods (687 S Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024). They're having a fun Dressing Rehearsal event on Thursday, Dec 12 from 6 to 8pm. They'll be getting hands-on with customers to feature holiday beer and wine favorites, tips for making your own cheese board and samples of party dips, coffee and treats. Get more details on their Twitter and Facebook pages. I can't wait to see you all there!