Making Birthday Parties Easier with Ziftit

Our summer is filling up fast. And it seems as though every weekend we have a birthday party to go to for one of the kids friends. I've found it hard to keep track of all of the fun gift ideas I have.

Plus the fact that my kids are constantly asking to put gift ideas on their “lists” for their birthdays and Christmas means that I have to remember a lot unless I write it down.

Well now I have a solution – Ziftit!

Ziftit homepage

Making Birthday Parties Easier with Ziftit

Ziftit was designed to make the shopping process enjoyable and easy while eliminating the guesswork out of gift giving. Members can share their Zift (Gift) List of desired items with their loved ones through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Ziftit streamlines and demystifies the gift giving experience.

As soon as I signed up for my Ziftit account I was able to easily search for items and add them to various accounts. I created different Ziftit lists for the occasions I needed gift lists for including children's gifts for the parties we have coming up this month, birthday gifts for my kids, and Christmas gifts for family and friends.

In preparation of a few kids parties we have coming up I added some gender neutral ideas to my Kids Gift Ideas list. My daughter was adamant about helping me pick out something for our neighbor's birthday party next weekend.

Once we had a few things on our list we sent the list off to the birthday girl's mother. She was able to give us great ideas from our list on what her daughter already had and what she needed. We headed to the store, picked up the gift, and it's already wrapped and ready for the party!

Ziftit List

As the kids ask for things throughout the year I can have them add it to their Ziftit lists and they'll be able to see what they've put on there. And they can share their lists with their grandparents, friends, and anyone else who asks for it.

Ziftit is quick and easy to use. Plus it's the perfect way to share exactly what you want with those who want to gift something to you. No more opening up a gift you might already have or might not want!

Get creative – Ziftit isn't just for parties and holidays, you can also use it to create back to school clothing lists, etc. Visit Ziftit and start creating your gift lists today.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.