Make it Mine - Jason Mraz

I'm obsessed with Jason Mraz. He sings this song, Make it Mine, that's been really striking a chord with me lately. It's all about living consciously and making your mark in the world while surrounding yourself with things that lift you up. It kind of reflects how I feel about this house. I know some people look at it and just see a house. Some may look at it and think, “Holy cow, you guys have a lot of work to do!” I see that, too. But I also see our family. I see our spot in the world. I see years of dedication and joy. Looking forward, I see the backdrop to all our memories. That's why I'm slowly but surely working from room to room and making it mine.

Making it Mine

making it mine painting

We're finally getting around to hanging pictures on the walls. We're turning this house into a home with our own little accents in every nook and cranny.

my photo

This is the slow stuff. The personalized pieces that take thought and pondering. It honestly took us longer to decide to hang this particular picture in this specific spot than it took us to pick that peach color for the walls.

making it mine

“Making it mine” isn't all about me, obviously. It's about intentionally adding our own little zest. Choosing things throughout the house that are meaningful because they invoke a certain feeling. A feeling of “us.”

breakfast nook

And that's the reason why certain spots are still blank, and why we're working through it at our own pace.

living room

I'm making it mine and we're adding our own special zest with these choices. So many times I post our projects up here on the blog without reflecting on how we came to our decisions. Craft after renovation after recipe and parenting tip. It's not all this frenzied blur of action that it may seem to be. It takes contemplation. So this post is to remind you guys that these things do take time. We deliberated for a good three or four hours about what to put in one of those remaining blank spots…and can't wait to share it with you next week! Yup, we're making you wait. Awesome is an evolution. Patience, little dove.

When's the last time you consciously reflected on your own choices? Tell us how you're “making it mine” and how you purposely add that “zest” to your life!


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