5 Ideas for Making Memories with Books

I might be letting my inner nerd shine a little when I say that I have SO many awesome memories from my childhood that involve books. My momma did a great job teaching me to not only read, but to love literature. It was not only her dedication and commitment to making sure I could read before entering school but also her own love of books that shaped my values on reading. Now that I am a mama and have 4 kids of my own, I am passing on the passion of reading to my kiddos. Books are a huge part of our lives and we have already made a ton of memories that include reading. My hope is that these memories will last them a lifetime and help them keep their love of books going forever.

Making Memories with Books

1. Bedtime Stories: Just as simple as it sounds. Ok, so maybe when your exhausted from a full day of chasing toddlers around it doesn’t sound so simple or desirable – but that’s what make these memories so wonderful! Your kiddos will remember that it never mattered how tired mom/dad was, that bedtime story was a guarantee. It shows dedication to your children as well as to your love of reading, which is something your children are sure to pick up on and carry throughout their life.

Making Memories with Bedtime Stories

2. Question Books: This is one of my personal favorites! While growing up we had a copy of The Book of Questions, a collection of thought-provoking, personal opinion questions covering a myriad of topics. The book was kept in the car and whenever we were on a long drive or stuck in traffic we would start answering questions. It is an impromptu way to learn that everybody can have a different point of view and/or opinion on certain topics without anyone being wrong. There are a ton of laughs and OMG moments to have that will be remembered by all! examples: The Book of Questions, The Kids’ Book of Questions

3. Cookbooks: Ever since my oldest son was able to flip through a book (without tearing all the pages), he has gone through all of my cookbooks a few times over. I ended up finding him a couple cookbooks directed at kids and they are some of his favorite books. He likes being able to choose what we will cook and I like that he is getting interested in cooking while also learning how to use a cookbook to prepare food. The biggest bonus to it all is that we get to spend quality time together in the kitchen which always turns out to be fun! examples: Betty Crocker Kids Cook!, BH&G New Junior Cook Book, The Everything Kids’ Cookbook

Making Memories with Cookbooks

4. Holiday Themed Books: Reading is a year-round activity, but it can certainly be made sweeter during the holidays. A magical part of being a kid is whole-heartedly believing in the holidays and their associated characters. Using books can broaden your child’s imagination with these characters by placing them in situations or places not yet thought of by your youngster. We keep our Holiday Themed Books tucked away until the corresponding season is around the corner and then use them as a way to kick off the holidays. examples: Polar Express, The Biggest Valentine Ever and Happy Easter, Mouse

5. Heirloom Books: Do you have any books saved from your childhood? Fortunately, it’s one of the few keepsakes I have from my days of youth. The few I have are in used condition, as I never believed books were made for sitting on a shelf – instead for being read time and time again. I will pass these books on to my kids, so they can enjoy them in their childhood as I did mine. My father recently gifted me the copy of The Big Book of Questions that we used while I was growing up, I am beyond excited to share it with my kids when they get a touch older. We currently have a 3-Generation Heirloom Book Collection! examples: A Light in the Attic, Jurassic Park

Though a small list, these are all things that were dear to my heart while growing up and I'm hoping to create the same type of wonderful memories for my children. So far, they love books and I honestly don't see that changing. All I can do is keep on incorporating books into our lives and let them know that I have all the time in the world to read to them. Yes, even when it's pass their bedtime and I can barely keep my eyes open – because one day those little moments will be their childhood memories.

What are your favorite ideas for making memories with books?