I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit apprehensive about this summer.

Being six months pregnant in the San Diego heat sounds…awful. Especially since we've moved further inland, away from the beach. Did I mention we don't have air conditioning in our new place? So far it actually hasn't been too bad, and we have a decent breeze coming through our backyard on most days. The biggest issues right now are the uncontrollable cravings. Oh my goodness. I crave pizza, ice cream, potato chips. I go from having zero appetite all day to being hungry NOW, and I'm doing my best to save money and avoid eating out since we spent a dang fortune catering to my every culinary whim last time around. It's also a little difficult to get out of the house anytime I want, what with a one-year-old who has a nap schedule he likes to stick to (otherwise things get downright cranky around here).

shopping while pregnant

summer fun pizza

So my plans for my very pregnant summer are to just take it easy. I took Some Boy shopping over at Walmart to #GrabSummerFun and stock up on a bunch of easy food for the house. Simple meals that I can make at a moment's notice depending on what I'm in the mood for. Pizza? You bet. Fish sticks, waffles…all my old pregnancy craving standbys. And I keep a ton of lean meat like ground turkey and chicken breasts around for easy-to-make, super-healthy options like turkey tacos and adobo chicken. I also keep a bunch of pork ribs and steak handy to throw on the grill. People, we are prepared for any craving that may strike.

walmart produce

pregnant shopping

And now I'm just enjoying the little things. Like…

pregnant summer food

Ice cream. Remember Nestle drumsticks? I loved these things when I was a kid, and I've been having a constant hankering for them this summer.

backyard pregnant summer fun

Running through the backyard sprinklers with Some Boy.

pregnant summer craft

Outdoor crafts. Now that I finally have a nice, big backyard, I'm having a blast decorating it and wasting away my days in the sun.

backyard summer picnic

Fast and easy Tombstone pizza picnics with the family.

backyard flower

Flowers. Thanks to Nana and Heidi, I've developed quite the green thumb. Sitting around watering plants might not be your idea of fun, but to me it's the most relaxing thing on the planet.

Beating the heat with pregnant summer fun at home: check! I also have a trip to New York scheduled for August. Yikes. Anyone have any tips to beat the heat while I'm over there?

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