manicures and mimosas

Ever since we moved to the new house, we've been hosting a lot of parties. Baby showers, get-togethers, birthdays and cook-offs. But I've noticed an odd trend at these shindigs: the guys gather around the barbecue or the big TV, and the moms are left chasing after the kiddos. I do love hanging out with the wee ones, but I think the girls deserve to relax a little too! So I decided to turn things around and throw the girliest party I could possibly think of. A manicure party!

Our Manicure Party

manicure party setup

I decorated our little kitchen nook all spa-like for the occasion with fluffy pillows, pretty pink ribbons, crepe flowers and a manicure-themed display in the corner (made from an old Melissa and Doug drawer sorting box). I cut placemat-sized rectangles from some fun zebra-striped contact paper I had lying around so that people could paint their nails without worrying about getting polish all over the table. And of course, there were all sorts of nail polish colors and tools as well as inspiration cards with pretty manicure ideas on them.

girl mags for a manicure party

I recently painted our kitchen display shelves white and it kind of reminds me of the nail polish displays that they have at my favorite salon. I set up inspiration cards and corresponding nail polishes throughout the display, along with some magazines. Every good salon has magazines set out to let guests scope out the latest trends!

getting our nails done

A couple of my friends and family members are what I call “salon addicts,” and they were a little intimidated at the thought of doing their own nails. I've mentioned we live in Southern California, right? Professional manicures are as common as bleached hair around here. Once they started playing around with all the colors, though, they quickly got the hang of it. Colby's always been something of an artist and her nails turned out SO beautiful! “Look, I can paint my own nails and save more money for Starbucks!” she exclaimed.

manicure party

By far, the favorite product of the day was this Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen. It's sort of like a twist-up blush pen, if you've ever seen one of those. You push a pump on the bottom to feed polish into the brush for less hassle and easy precision.

manicure party food

Since we were doing a brunch thing, breakfast foods and mimosas were in order. Everyone brought something, from egg souffles to scones and cakes. I made goat cheese-stuffed strawberries with basil which are so easy and so flavorful.


The one downfall of our manicure party theme of “Mimosas and Manicures” was that some of us may not have had the steadiest hands after a couple glasses of champagne! Good thing I picked up some Sally Hansen Manicure Clean-Up Pens for cuticle clean-up on those who tackled fancy nail art projects but couldn't quite stay in the lines…

polka dot manicure

The Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens were a big hit, too. There were polka dots, hearts and flower details all around. These pens are so precise, they make it easy to add intricate details.

pretty polish

This Scarab color from the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine line was a popular one! Heidi commented that it reminded her of a peacock. I totally see that.

Salon Effects

My personal favorite look of the day was created with these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips that I picked up at Walgreens. They are actually strips of nail polish paint, not stickers, so they adhere to the nail like polish and don't quickly peel up like I've seen many do.

my manicure

The trick is to only apply them to a couple fingernails and paint the rest with varying designs.


Oh, and don't forget pedicures! I stocked up on those awesome pumice stones and heel creme to help with calluses. Now I can do at home what the salon charges $40 for.

manicure party with friends

You're probably wondering where the kids were if all us women-folk were occupied with our manicures in the kitchen, aren't you?

dad with kid

They were hanging out in front of the big screen (where else?) with the guys.

papa with sidekick

Sidekick got a lot of cuddle time in with Papa and Opa. He's such a sociable little dude. I'm blessed to have kids who go with the flow and let me get my crafty, creative, cooking-filled party time on (or whatever happens to be on the agenda for the day) without throwing a fit over not having mommy's attention every single second. They make me so proud and so thankful that I can be a parent without losing my style.

How to Host your own Manicure Party

how to host a manicure party

Ever thought about hosting your own manicure party? It's easy! Just gather inspirational looks from sites like Pinterest and set out a variety of nail tools and polishes for everyone to play with. One thing that made my manicure party really fun was everyone sharing their opinions on the different items, from nail pens and brushes to traditional bottled liquid.

Would you ever host a manicure party?