With two kids under two years old, it's pretty rare that I get “me moments.” The seconds I get to catch my breath are usually very brief intervals in between getting Cheerios chucked at my head, or late at night when I finally flop face-first into my pillow.

brushing teeth

The first thing I do when I get a second to myself is brush my teeth. No joke. As I type this, I'm three cups of coffee deep and still haven't showered, brushed my teeth or combed my hair. It's very attractive. I'm not ashamed, though. The toddler's eaten and even got a morning story. The baby's been fed and changed and is snoozing in my lap, so all is right with the world. It's pretty obvious where my priorities lie…but my personal hygiene does sometimes pay the price.


Merciful Me Moments

On those rare occasions when both boys mercifully decide to nap at the same time, I make myself a priority. It's important to squeeze in “me moments” when I can, and I try to remind myself that in this new year, I deserve a little attention too! The dishes will always be there in an hour or two, and my own health (and sanity) needs to be tended to once in a while. So the second thing I do in my me moments – after brushing my teeth – is take a nice, relaxing bath. I know that everyone raves about bubbles, but I personally think that sea salts are where it's at. I have a special container of sea salts that I toss in the tub to help ease my muscles.

Sometimes, I even shave my legs while I'm in there. Sometimes.


After my bath comes lotion. This is an important part of my me moments because it really helps me feel better long-term. I have extremely dry skin on my upper arms, to that point that I sometimes avoid wearing short sleeves in public. It gets worse in extreme weather, so it's been particularly bad this harsh winter. My grandma came over the other day and asked if I'd developed some sort of infectious rash! Grandparents seem to have a real knack for pointing these things out, huh? So I did a little research to find the most hydrating and longest-lasting lotion on the market, which led me to this NIVEA Essentially Enriched lotion. It's available in a two-pack at Sam's Club for less than $9! My family's been using NIVEA as long as I can remember (it's one of the few brands that isn't greasy, so I'll actually use it instead of buying it with good intentions and leaving it on the counter until it expires). I love that this new Hydra IQ keeps moisturizing for over 24 hours. Because seriously, I don't have time to be applying lotion every morning and night.


Take THAT, dry skin!

me moments

If the boys are still sleeping after all that (it's a miracle!), I'll do some extra little pampering things like applying a clay face mask or painting my toenails. I never bother with my fingernails. They're beyond hopeless.

What do you do in YOUR “me moments”?

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