me time

I was at a parenting seminar the other day and the speaker asked, “Parents, when is your ‘me' time? Have you had at least five or ten minutes to yourself in the last day?” I thought for a minute…I'd taken a shower that morning. That was a good fifteen minutes to myself.

“Showers and personal hygiene don't count.”

Damn it.

With a baby, a husband and a business, it can be tricky to squeeze in time for myself. However, the speaker made some valid points: if you don't slow down and tend to your own needs once in a while, you'll burn out. Fast. It's important to reserve some mental health time to recuperate and just give your mind a break.

nap time me time

I've personally found that the me time I can consistently fit into every day is during Some Boy's nap. He always takes a nap at about 10am. Everything else about our schedule may be totally out of whack, but I can count on Some Boy to fall asleep and give me at the very least fifteen minutes of silence (some days he'll nap for as much as two hours, but I take whatever I can get).

What I do with that nap time is a reflection of the priorities in my life. I used to sit down and immediately try to respond to emails or get some work done. However, my mind was just never in the right place to dive right into things at that point. It makes sense if you take a look at my morning: I typically get woken up at about 5am. I then feed the baby, write a blog post or respond to comments if he's okay playing in the jumparoo for awhile, figure out what we're going to have for dinner and start thawing out what I need, do the dishes that are inevitably piled in the sink, play with Some Boy and perhaps try to tackle some laundry or bills. By the time he falls asleep, I'm worn out. I need a break! So I gave up on the idea of trying to get work done during his nap and started designating that time as me time.

me time snack time

Nap time is normally when I have breakfast. It's hard to eat when the little guy's awake because he inevitably wants to be held and winds up smashing his palm into my food or grabbing a fistful and chucking it up into my face. I don't have time to get all fancy with my morning food, so I keep it simple with oatmeal or granola over yogurt, topped with fruit. I really like those easy on-the-go fruit cups like #DelMonte diced peaches with cinnamon and brown sugar. They already have those extra flavors added, so I don't have to mess with the sugar and spices, saving me time.

Craft time me time

When I can fit it in during nap time (or if Some Boy is awake, but content sitting near me without being actively engaged in what I'm doing), I consider craft time to be “me” time as well. Working with my hands is relaxing for me and takes my mind off of anything I may be stressing about. Of course, during the holidays craft time can get a little stressful, but I try to remind myself that any craft activity is optional. I want to do it, but I don't have to if I can't find time.

You can see some other ways I squeeze “me” time into a busy day over on Google+. Also, check out Del Monte on Twitter and Facebook for some other ideas to eat healthfully and take care of yourself, even when your schedule is bogged down.

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