boy playing with doctor equipment

The months after each of my boys were born were some of the hardest in my life. Some Boy had colic, Sidekick had allergies and I had postpartum depression. At one point it got so severe that I was hospitalized. Someday I may have healed enough from that experience to share it with you.

Today is not that day.

midnight fevers

All of these factors can push new parents to their breaking point. Any additional stress or complications can make you feel like you will just snap. When Some Boy was two months old he got sick with a cold. Common, but scary for a child that age. I didn't know how to handle it. I remember rocking and soothing my hysterical feverish baby, blinking through tears at medicine bottle labels. Was I supposed to give him Tylenol or ibuprofen? What was the correct dosage? Should I take him to the hospital?

I tried calling our health insurance company for answers, only to be put on an indefinite hold. Ringing my doctor's office directed me to an appointment line, where I could set up a visit…three days from now. Urgent care wasn't open. Where is the resource for parents who are somewhere between an emergency room visit and a consultation during office hours? I've been very fortunate that Oma is a nurse and has stepped in repeatedly to provide an answer for me when I couldn't find any. But what resources are out there for everyone else?

see a doctor online with American Well

I was so excited when I discovered American Well last month, recalling this story and the pain and confusion I faced. Now there is an answer for parents like me. Anytime, day or night, when you're not sure or you just need someone to talk to for ten minutes. There come those times for even the most stubborn of us when we can finally admit we need help. And we need it NOW. $49 will put you immediately in front of not just a phone operator or a trained answer service, but a medical doctor who can offer reassurance and an instant answer. They will give you exact next steps when your bleary, sleepless mind just can't figure it out.

No insurance needed (although some do cover the full consultation fee). No complicated hoops. Just a simple solution for stressed-out people. Read my personal experience and give them a try. Enter coupon code THEDAYS at American Well now through the end of 2013 for a free doctor or nutritionist consultation.

Midnight medical help. Who to reach out to with fevers and other concerns in the middle of the night, even if you don't have insurance.

Parents, have you ever reached that breaking point? Where did you go for help?