miniature scones

I love scones. Especially miniature ones. They make me feel like Alice in Wonderland after she drinks that magical tea. While we’re on the subject…how the heck do her clothes keep growing and shrinking with her? Get real; clothes don’t expand that much. We ALL know that’s not how it actually happened. I guarantee she took one sip and – bam! – found herself naked in a stranger’s kitchen with shreds of fabric floating around. But honestly, who hasn’t been in that situation?

king arthur miniature scone pan

I’ve wanted a miniature scone pan forever, but the rule around our house is that no item can serve just one purpose. You’ve seen our kitchen, right? Not a lot of room in there for unipurpose items. So I racked my brain. What else can I do with a miniature scone pan (besides make small scones that are absolutely perfect for Sunday brunches?). I actually came up with quite an extensive list! I can make mini brownies, cookies, quiches, frittatas, and adorable mini pie pieces. I can even use it for portioning out main dishes like meatloaf, cornbread, mini lasagna and tiny deep dish pizzas. It’s cute enough that I could even use it as a clever snack tray for parties!

king arthur miniature scone pan

Seeing all the deliciousness that was headed his way, Nate gave the mini scone pan the green light. Yay! King Arthur Flour sent us this miniature scone pan to try out, along with a bag of their basic scone mix and a bag of chocolate chunk scone mix. The pan was really easy to use. I just squished the dough into each slot and cooked it a little less than the recipe called for (I like my scones nice and soft). I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool for a minute, then flipped the pan upside down onto a plate and popped the scones right out. They separated pretty easily, and the nonstick pan cleaned up with just a quick scrub.

It wouldn’t normally occur to me to stick chocolate in a scone, but I’m glad King Arthur Flour came up with this creative combination. The fluffy scone dough meshes perfectly with the big, gooey chocolate chunks. I like to microwave them quickly, melt a little butter on top and serve them with a big glass of chocolate milk. It’s like the breakfast equivalent of chocolate chip cookies. Best of all, the miniature scone pan browns each scone perfectly on all sides. But don’t count on the mini portion sizes to make everyone stick to their diets. I shared mine with the family and they were all gone in minutes!

king arthur miniature scone pan

Sound good? King Arthur Flour is giving my readers a chance to win it! I’ll be giving away the miniature scone pan as well as a bag of their regular scone mix and a bag of chocolate chunk scone mix next week from July 25-31 during the Christmas in July Blog Hop giveaway event. If you want a reminder when it’s time to come back and enter, just subscribe to get notifications of my new posts by email or Feedreader. And please take a chance to show King Arthur Flour some love over on Twitter and Facebook, and check out their Baking Circle community if you have a chance – they have some delicious recipes over there!

King Arthur Flour sent me the above products for review. All opinions are my own.