Alone in high society

This is the land of surf and turf. Of sunny outlooks and golden dispositions.

This is also the land of high prices, earthquakes and fire.

Here in SoCal, we don't talk much about hard times. About all the people who are struggling amidst the glitz of Hollywood and the glam of Huntington Beach. But we see them on the streets. We see sad faces in our communities, pained looks at the checkout line and worried brows at the bank. What if we could all, in our respective industries, offer up our services to help out just a little bit? I could format a resume, you could cook a meal. If we all tried to make a small difference, we could actually effect positive change in our community.

zerorez socal

Remember when I introduced you to Zerorez SoCal? They're the ones who clean homes – including carpet, hardwood, tile, grout, natural stone and upholstery – in a truly GOOD way, using electrolyzed, oxidized water to strip away chemicals and residue. In working with them I've discovered that they have a program designed to do as much good as possible in the community. Called Minor Miracles, this initiative calls on their customers to submit a non-profit, church or community space in Southern California that could benefit from a free cleaning. The informal service provides a positive space for individuals to focus on well-being and feel uplifted by a kind act from another person.

family struggling in the dark

Previous recipients have included veterans services, women's shelter providers, families who have overcome loss, homeless child centers and more. Do you know an organization in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County or San Bernadino County whose space and lives could be improved with the Zerorez Minor Miracle program? Submit them to this form for consideration by the Zerorez Team!

What minor miracles have you witnessed lately?