iced coffee drink

I'm a coffee fanatic in general, but iced coffee is my favorite thing in the world. I actually like it when the ice starts to melt just a little bit and it's the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. I have a very specific coffee order at Starbucks that gets me eye rolls every time I request it: tall iced coffee in a grande cup with an added shot, five pumps of vanilla, a little steamed 2% milk and extra whipped cream. I think it's the steamed milk in an iced drink that really stumps people, but milk seriously tastes better when it's steamed and I drink my coffee really fast before everything gets too melty.

international delight vanilla iced coffee

I have everything I need to make my favorite coffee drink at home, but it's time consuming and I don't always have an extra ten minutes to whip up the perfect drink. Some days, I can't even get my hands free to brew a regular cup of joe! So I tried to find a shortcut version, and International Delight hit the nail on the head with their new Vanilla Iced Coffee drink. It comes in a jug like juice or milk and it's ready to go immediately. It's very sweet, but as you can see I take five pumps of vanilla in my drink so I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Those who aren't big on the sugar might add a little milk to theirs.

international delight iced coffee

The #CBias blogging group sent us three of their #IcedCoffee flavors to try: vanilla, mocha and regular. I'm not a fan of chocolate in my coffee, but the mocha was still pretty good and the regular version was a good less sweetened option. Vanilla, of course, was my favorite.

iced coffee cup

It's nice to know that there's a store-bought option that gets it right and saves me time. I do love to cook and make my own food from scratch, but that's just not always doable with a baby taking up a lot of my energy.

iced coffee

I guess that's why I need all the coffee, huh?

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