m&m mosaic

Sometimes, craft projects fail completely. I've actually found that many of my brilliant successes are borne out of complete failures. This is one of those cases.

white chocolate m&m's

M&M's recently came out with – get this – M&M's Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies. Candy corn. White chocolate. M&M's. Three of my favorite things all wrapped up together in a neat little melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand package. Score! I needed an excuse to get these bad boys into my house, so I decided to do a little craft project and make some M&M garland. Stringing M&M's together with a needle and thread. Easy enough, right?

m&m's garland

One problem: the needle kept breaking the candies. Dang hard candy shell is just too…hard! I was left with chunks of white chocolate and a bunch of little candy shell pieces that reminded me of some flecks of glass I've been working with for one of those glass mosaics.

Insert lightbulb moment here.

m&m mosaic pieces

To get the candy shell coatings to come off even more easily, I nuked them in the microwave for 30 seconds. I then peeled the candy coatings back with my fingernails and separated them out by color. When all was said and done, I went through about 2 1/2 cups of M&M's to get enough candy shell pieces for my M&M mosaic.

graham cracker mosaic

For my canvas, I laid out four graham cracker squares.

graham cracker m&m's mosaic

I heated about 1/2 cup of the de-shelled white chocolate candies in the microwave 30 seconds at a time for a total of about 2 minutes, stirring between each time until they were all melty. I then spread that over the graham crackers to serve as a sort of glue for the M&M's mosaic.

m&m mosaic craft

Using tweezers and very precise hands (I don't advise drinking caffeine before this lest you be all hopped-up and jolty), I placed the M&M mosaic pieces into a pumpkin pattern.

m&m white chocolate mosaic


This would be an awesome craft for older kids. The white chocolate candy firms up as it cools (stick it in the freezer to speed that up or nuke it some more if it's hardening too quickly for you), so you can display the M&M mosaic tile indefinitely…or until the ants attack. Kind of like a gingerbread house at Christmas. I bet you could even frame it in one of those shadowboxes for long-term enjoyment.

Of course, Nate ate mine before I had the chance.

m&m mosaic

Looking for M&M's Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies to make your own M&M mosaic? You can find them at Walmart (check out my shop over on ThisMoment if you want the lowdown on where you'll find the special display)…and you can even save some money with this coupon. That makes this sweet craft even sweeter.

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