When I tell people I'm a stay-at-home mom blogger and marketing consultant, a lot of them have the same reaction. “Awesome! So you can run your own schedule. Do you sit in your pajamas and drink wine at noon?” If only. Sadly, the life of a mom blogger isn't all bon bons and soap operas. I strive to put the emphasis on mom in my life as a “mom blogger.” Squeezing in writing time and other work takes creative scheduling…and a lot of caffeine.

1AM: I'm wrapping up some blog posts (late night or early morning is when I think most clearly) when Some Boy wakes up hungry. I try to coax him back to sleep with a pacifier. No dice. Time to feed him and lay him back in the crib. Then it's back to the computer for me.

3AM: I guess I should probably go to sleep now.

mom blogger baby

4:30AM: Some Boy's hungry again. I bring him into the bed to feed him and then lay him in the cradle that Opa made for us in our room.

7:30AM: He's up again, wide awake and chipper! I feed him while responding to emails from my phone and we take our sweet time getting out of bed.

caffeinated iced drink

8:30AM: We start our morning routine: oatmeal and coffee for me (cold, poured over ice from a pot I brewed last night), an outfit change and tummy time for Some Boy. He usually gets bored and wants to sit in my lap while I brush up on blog comments and spend some time working on a marketing project for a client.

10AM: He spits up all over both of us. New outfits before I put more food in the dude's tummy.

10:30AM: Naptime. I run around the house cleaning up as quickly as possible. I often schedule conference calls or meetings for this time since he'll sleep right through them.

starbucks bistro box

11:15AM: Nap over. This is Some Boy's most active time of day, so I like to run errands now. We head to Starbucks on our way to Costco and I grab a bistro box to go alongside my tuxedo frappuccino. I try to minimize the number of times I stop and take the baby out. Unfolding the stroller, maneuvering his weight out of the car, strapping his car seat in and then re-folding, re-lifting and re-strapping when my errand's over just isn't that fun. So I frequent the Starbucks drive-thru and have become a huge fan of their new bistro boxes. They help me eat healthy on the go with selections chock full of protein and healthy whole wheat. I'm usually all about DIY and saving money, but I've learned that I need to place a high value on my health and my own time. Since many days are spent with me chomping down lunch on-the-go while hovering over a stroller, these bistro boxes are a much better option than a fast food cheeseburger or taco. And I save time by not having to wait in another drive-thru line.

2PM: Back home for feeding. Nate's home right now so Some Boy will get in some playtime with Dad, too.

3PM: Naptime. Nate and I have some time alone to talk, watch a TV show, or have a snack. Usually I take advantage of this time to get dinner prepped and clean up the kitchen.

3:45PM: Some Boy wakes up ready for more playtime.

4:30PM: Dinner.

5PM: Nate leaves for work and I feed Some Boy before getting started on the laundry. We're figuring out how to cloth diaper with him and there's a LOT of laundry involved!


6PM: Some Boy plays with his toys while I squeeze orange juice. This is usually his time to play or watch Sesame Street (or Scrubs. Don't judge me…the kid really likes Scrubs) while I do a project, write an email to a friend or catch up on other personal stuff. Then I join him on the floor and attempt to wear him out in time for bed. A lot of Twitter parties are also scheduled for this time, so I occasionally squeeze one of those in here, too.

8PM: Bath, book, bed. Some Boy struggles to stay awake at night, and it takes about an hour for him to really fall asleep (coaxed with the occasional pacifier and belly rub) without waking himself up again.

9PM: I tackle a post, but quickly find myself nodding off. Another run to Starbucks, perhaps? Too bad they don't deliver. I'm too lazy to get off my butt and brew my own right now. I'll just let the sleepiness take over.

10PM: A quick shower and then off to bed. The alarm's set for 5:45AM so I can get up and do it all over again. Fortunately this weekend we're taking a fun trip up to LA so I'll get a break and some relaxing time with family.

Nate's schedule is pretty unconventional. Sometimes he works a lot of long days in a row and then he'll have several days off at a time. I do my best to work hard while he's away and get posts scheduled in advance so that Some Boy and I can enjoy our time with him when he's home. It requires a bit of sacrifice and a lot of dedication, but the time I get to spend at home and the ability to contribute to the family financially makes being a mom blogger totally rewarding for me.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Starbucks Bistro Boxes and received a gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate.