mom connections

Mom Connections

I just discovered this awesome new tool (really new – it was launched in July) for helping make and maintaing mom connections. I've been complaining to Nate that I don't know enough moms in my area with kids my age, and I don't have the time to figure out all the schedules of the few moms around here that I do know. Moms are busy people. As much as we want to be social (we really, really do), sometimes it's hard to squeeze it in when logistics get in the way.


MoxTree offers an awesome tool to help you make “mom connections” with like-minded moms with similar hobbies, goals and more! MoxTree lets you find members with similar interests and also create your own groups with your friends for workout meet-ups, play dates, book clubs and more. They're one of the first sites I've seen that seems to really understand that there's a WHOLE lot more to us than just shuttling our kids around. It's like…for moms!

moxtree moms group

The site was started by Victoria Oldridge, a mom to two under three from California. She's a recent transplant to my old stomping grounds up in Seattle, so the site is gaining a lot of traction along the West Coast. It's already been featured on Macaroni Kid, Red Tricycle, GeekWire and more. Victoria started the site when she saw a need for a site that made mom connections based on a whole range of factors instead of just their kids' ages. “The goal of MoxTree is to combine today's wave of social media (which women dominate) with the focus on the modern mom who has many interests/goals/careers and allowing her to more easily connect with moms.”

If you're a mom looking for a better solution to connect with those around you, give MoxTree a try. And who knows…if you happen to be in my area, maybe the site will match us up!

This post is sponsored by MoxTree. All opinions are my own.