My best friend came into town the other day. We've known each other since college, and our lives since those rowdy days together have been rather divergent. She works in big cities doing PR for fashionable companies. I'm far less trendy with a very defined “mom style,” and I seem to have forgotten some of the basic components of fashion.

Mom style: easy, laid back but polished. With a baby on the back, of course.

Take this outfit, for example. Nate cocked his head to the side when I emerged from the closet and questioned, “I thought – as a general rule – you're not supposed to pair black and navy blue?”

Mom haircut

I cut all my hair off, by the way. How's that for mom style?

Babywearing baby

Speaking of mom style, people are constantly asking about my babywearing gear. This here is a Kinderpack, and it is the most glorious way I've ever carried any of my children. So, SO comfortable. Someone saw me complaining of back pain on social media after using a different brand of babycarrier, and they said I should hunt one of these down. A few clicks on my phone and this camo bad boy was on its way.

That's a perfect example of mom style. Our kids get all of our focus throughout the day and our own needs are pushed down on the list. Fashion and accessories are important to moms, but only to the extent that they make our lives better and easier. I want gear that is cute and functional and I want someone else to curate it for me so my brain can have one less thing to worry about! Anything that helps me get up and get dressed faster is a win, but I don't have hours to spend at the mall.

My Techy Mom Style Solution

PatPat mom style discounts

I just started working with this company called PatPat and I am obsessed with their tech solution for mom style. Currently featured as a best new app on the Apple App store and also available for Android, PatPat offers up daily deals for moms and kids. I like that the discounts on the site kind of make shopping a game – one that I can complete in seconds. Share a cute dress for an extra 10% off? Sure thing! Score a limited daily freebie? Awesome! And with 35% off + $5 for new customers, a ton of stuff like the wet bag you see above can be had for next to nothing. Check out the wet bag I scored for $0.69!

Kinderpack is the gold standard of babywearing. Infants up to preschooler sized kids can get a really deep seat so parents' back doesn't hurt.

Fellow parents help me with my mom style, so I like to try the latest stuff out and pass along my own learnings.

Toting all of the mom style essentials around

I think that's the benefit of “mom style” versus “everyone else style.” We have a supportive community that understands what it's like to juggle everything. Other parents know that time is limited between diaper-changing, snack time and trying to capture those precious moments with our kids. That's why a mom style app tailored specifically for parents makes perfect sense.

Mom style: easy, laid back but polished. With a baby on the back, of course.

Download PatPat for Apple or for Android and nab yourself some mom style to make mornings easier. Use code STOC35 to get a 35% discount plus $5 off your first order. You could even get some kids clothing and baby costumes for Halloween! That's one more thing you can check off your list. Hey, maybe you'll even be able to squeeze in a nap today.

Yeah, right.