MomHack Definition

Every time I log onto Pinterest – the online style board for craftyfoodiemomswithtoomuchtimeontheirhands I feel like a crappy mom. Let me clarify: I am the model of the type of mom that would have the time to create those perfect, all time consuming, handmade, works of art that should be in museums across the globe. I am a stay at home mom, I am crafty, I have the time, I have the materials but I…just…don't wanna do it.

Instead, I'm the type of mom that likes to make life easy and make nice things with as little energy and effort as possible. I am a MomHack.

Today, I bring to you the MomHack's guide to a neato looking Valentine's Day breakfast that will make the kids feel special and will require little effort on your part.

a mom hack's guide to an easy valentines day breakfast

Valentine's Day Sprinkle Pancakes 

Pre made pancake mix

Make pre made pancake mix. Throw in lots of sprinkles in the batter. Cook.
Pour glass of milk. Use a pretty straw if you happen to have any (I found the red striped paper straws at Target in the party aisle).
Cut strawberries. I made my strawberries look like hearts.

Heart shaped strawberries: after you rip off the leaves, cut a v shape on the top. Slice. Yes, it's that easy. You can even do it ahead of time, like the night before.


valentine's day pancakes

See? You're going to be a MomHack too in no time.

My daughter was over the moon for her Valentine's Day sprinkle pancakes. For a brief moment in time I was her goddess hero of all time. She gobbled those pancakes up with a beaming, shining face and I felt like a super mom.

Valentine's Day Sprinkle Pancakes

What are your Valentine's Day plans?