We were at a wedding the other day when Some Boy reached up for my champagne. “No buddy,” I explained. “That's mommy juice.”

I immediately snickered at myself. It was one of those moments when I realized I've become one of those moms. “Mommy juice?” So cliche. But so true. There's a reason people joke about things like this: because we all find ourselves doing it at one time or another!

mommy juice 5

Sidekick is almost six months now and with him and Some Boy requiring a lot of attention in these early years, our days are long. I'm slowly weaning Sidekick more onto food and a little organic formula. I had to face that breastfeeding exclusively just wasn't working for us when he kept losing weight in spite of my taking 20+ various supplements and pills per day to keep my milk supply up. It was heartbreaking. But on the upside: I can now have a glass of wine on occasion!

mommy juice 4

After a particularly exhausting day, I have the pleasure of getting the boys to bed (finally!) and stumbling into my kitchen. You all know what I find there, right? Dishes. Ugh. No freaking way am I facing this without taking a little moment to myself. This is one of those times that calls for some of that “mommy juice.”

mommy juice 1

I saw these bottles in CVS the other day and it cracked me up. I can totally relate to the cartoony little avatar woman literally juggling all the things in her life. Aptly named MommyJuice, this wine comes in just two varieties: red and white. Because the last thing a mom needs at the store – while the children attempt to escape from the cart and eat/destroy/kick everything in sight – is to be contemplating the difference between a Merlot and a Cabernet. I'm totally stocking up on these for Mother's Day gifts for some very deserving moms. The company even sells gift packs on their website at MommyJuiceWines.com for those who want to avoid the grocery store experience altogether.

mommy juice 3

As far as pairings, I usually find myself scarfing down a snack bar with my wine.

Everyone else seems gets consistently fed around here, but at best I find myself noshing on soggy leftover nuggets from Some Boy as I wield a spoon full of baby mash. Priorities. So, late-night snacks are where it's at for me.

mommy juice 2

If you're digging my glass (my new favorite, it cracks me up), you can win one yourself! Post photos of MommyJuice on the shelf at your local CVS store to the MommyJuice Facebook page and enter to win a pack of MommyJuice glasses. Five winners will be chosen at the end of May!

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