Pink Cake Plate Diaries

Today I'm featuring Laura Petersen from Pink Cake Plate. Laura's oh-so-clever and inventive mind frequently dazzles me with unique ideas like Potato CandyHomemade Butterfingers and Boutique Soap Dispensers.

And get this: her entire kitchen is pink! I had the opportunity to chat with her husband, and he had this hilarious story about how the pink caught on like wildfire. “She has always wanted a kitchaid mixer. One year, after picking up on the fact that she really really wanted one, I went shopping and bought a pink one by accident. Since the mixer is the focal point in the kitchen, we made everything else pink. I told her that she could have everything pink in the kitchen on the condition that no pink ends up in the bedroom!”

That sounds like a fair deal to me.

How did you decide what to name your blog?: I collect cake plates and love the color pink!! was taken so Pink cake Plate just kind of came to be!

What are five of your favorite things?: I love chocolate, dachshunds, cooking and baking and being creative

What are five of your least favorite things? I hate slow drivers in the fast lane. Running out of money before you run out of month!! LOL! Being told one thing when in fact it is totally different, forgetting to pay my bills, and having to buy fat pants!

When and why did you start blogging?: I started blogging to do something different and to learn WordPress and get involved with social media.

What do you blog about?: Life in general

What does your family think of your blog? Do they read it?: My family has no clue that I blog or what blogging is.  My husband is the only one who kind of gets it.  When I started making money blogging he really perked up!!

When do you find the time to blog?: I blog whenever I can. I sometimes will write a quick post while at work which I am not supposed to do!!

What is your favorite blog post ever?: From my blog, it would have to be day 31 of “31 Days of Pink.” One of my favorite digital designers, Rhonna Farrar, contributed to my guest list and even created an exclusive Printable.

What has been your biggest blogging challenge?: Finding time to blog and finding things to blog about.

What advice would you give a new blogger?: Just do it and be consistent. Blog, blog, and blog some more!

What widget or feature could you not live without?: The widget that connects my blog to Twitter and FB that allows me to post updates easily and fast!

What are your favorite blogs to read?: Sweet Rose Studio, Rhonnadesigns, Tatertots and Jello.

You can connect with Laura on Twitter or on Facebook, or check out her site at

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