Monkey baby

How freaking cute is my baby? Seriously. Cutest ever. I know all parents think that their own baby is cute but trust me, I'm being objective here. That right there is an adorable little kid.

Monkey costume

Costume Discounters sent me this Monkey See, Monkey Doo Costume to check out, which is perfect because I actually call Some Boy “monkey” all the time. It's one of his main nicknames. That and “pumpkin head.” And “goober butt.” And “little squeaker.” Man, I should probably start calling him by his real name before he ends up really confused. I can just imagine him walking into kindergarten and not knowing what to say when the teacher asks his name. “My name? Well, my parents call me booger face.” Yikes.

Monkey baby costume

I'm one of those parents who loves to dress my baby up for every occasion under the sun. I figure he'll only be this cooperative for so long, so I may as well get as many pictures as I can of him dressed up in infant costumes while I still have the chance. Plus, all these cow/giraffe/bumblebee baby pictures will make great blackmail material when I want him to do his homework later on. Costume Discounters has tons of animal Halloween costumes to choose from. I love the monkey one they sent because it's super-soft so I don't have to worry about scratchy material against his skin. It also has convenient velcro closures on the legs, back and hat so that I can easily throw it on the boy for a party. Or, a trip to the grocery store. Whatever.

I received this costume for free from Costume Discounters. All opinions are my own.