moving sucks

Moving sucks. It just does, no matter what. There's all that stuff to dig through and pack, and you have to fix up your current home or rental for some person you don't even know! You get to do things like patch that gouge from when you were dragging your desk through the hall and try to fish out the chicken nuggets that you dropped under the stove a year ago. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make it a little less painful!

Rent a moving van. Even if you own a truck, make it easier on yourself by getting a U-Haul for the day. They're pretty cheap and it'll take fewer trips.

Try self storage. If you have a lapse between rentals in which you plan to couch surf or go on vacation, don't try to store all your stuff with a friend or relative. You don't want to be in their space, and it puts everyone in an awkward situation. Uncle Bob’s Self Storage is a good resource for finding self storage specials in your area, including free moving vans when you sign for a storage unit, free first or second month rent, etc.

Enlist help. Call over your friends and buy them a bunch of pizza in exchange for their legwork. It'll save your sanity and cost a lot less than professional movers.

Ditch the kids. Little ones just get in the way and are more likely to get hurt amidst all the commotion. Ask the grandparents to take them off your hands for a day or two while you're in transition.

On a personal note, we're almost completely unpacked from our recent move. Finally.

This post is sponsored by Uncle Bob's Self Storage. All opinions are my own.