I struggle at multitasking.

Basically, as a mom who is home almost all of the time, my time is spent parenting and then juggling everything else.

I recently went to a blog conference and, as I listened to the last speakers of the day I was taking notes and keeping my son from eating the pen I was distracting him with so I could take the notes.

I completely missed slides and went back on Instagram looking for them.

The talk?

About finding balance and powering down. Shutting off the constant noise and focusing on one thing at a time- be it work or sleep or family.

As perfectly shown by the amount of tears in that audience of mothers, so many parents struggle to find that work-life balance.



Another one of the topics I tried to listen to while juggling the toys he was dropping on the floor.


My husband’s schedule is a bit more firm – he has set hours where he has to work. And when he comes home, he is home and involved with the boys and whatever needs doing.

I am trying to build up my freelance writing portfolio and my blog while being at home most of the time, so I am trying to find time in my days to work and not stay up till midnight typing.

So I constantly catch myself trying to engage in social media while doing laundry while thinking of dinner while caring for two small children, and, oh yeah, that bill was due.

Multitasking has been glamorized in our society and, frankly, I just can’t juggle like those women in the media do. (The latest one I remember seeing was a mom on the computer, talking on the phone holding a fussing baby.)

Did you know the human brain can only handle one or two tasks at a time?

A research study showed that tasks can be divided within the human brain, each frontal lobe taking a goal.

Hear that people?

One to two things at a time.

That’s loading the dishwasher while watching a cooking show.

That’s writing a blog post while keeping an ear out for loud crashes in the living room.

And media multitasking is something so many people are guilty of. But how is it affecting the younger generation?

Students who were being observed studying had, by the two minute mark, already strayed from their important task and spent time messaging, on Facebook or other online activities.

I’m someone who loves to have the TV or music on while I’m home doing things, and will eat and go online at the same time. My son likes to watch TV while eating.

Am I creating a need for other media in the background in my sons by example?



Lately I’ve been turning all the noise off and making my four-year-old go play in his room, trying to embrace the quiet while he creates elaborate father/son storylines with his Hot Wheels.

But obviously I’m having a hard time putting down the phone because I dropped it yesterday and cracked another screen.

So, instead of trying to figure out the perfect balancing act that will make my life work, I am trying to focus on one or two things at a time and just hope my to-do list gets a little shorter during the day.

Do you think you’re good at multitasking? How many things do you find yourself juggling at a time? And how often do you find yourself on social media instead of where you need to focus?