Liquid cheese

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Who doesn’t like cheese? Really, not liking cheese is like, a crime or something right? Growing up, I remember enjoying potlucks because someone always made nachos…and nachos always meant a crock pot full of cheese. My aunt was always the most creative with it and would either mix in a jar of salsa or a can of chili to add a kick to the nacho cheese.

Velveeta "Stir in the Liquid Gold" packaging

I recall trying to impress my friends in college by inviting them over for movie night and having a crock pot full of Velveeta cheese mixed with a can of chili. They would ask, “You made this yourself?” and I would reply “Damn straight!” followed by ooohs and aaaah and jumping and cheering. Well, maybe not quite but honestly it was fun, it was easy and it did taste good.

Liquid gold packaging

That’s why I always loved Velveeta. I always thought of it as the ‘creamy cheese.’ I mean, it could make just about anything taste better (I’m sorry celery, never gonna happen). When I would come home from school and my brother and I wanted a fast snack while my parents were at work, we made an amazing discovery, as most boys do. You could put a piece of Velveeta cheese on some sliced ham or turkey, put it between some bread, microwave it for about 30 seconds and then get a ‘punch your brother in the stomach if he touched your sandwich because he should have known better’ sandwich. That’s basically how a loaf of bread met its demise at 3pm every school day. I mean, what else would you expect from two growing boys averaging 6’3”? I’m the larger portion of that average thank you very much!

Teaing open package with my mouth

The other day, Velveeta sent me to Walmart to try one of their newer concoctions called Cheesy Skillet Singles. As you could imagine, given my Velveeta history, they had to beg really hard to get me interested.

toddler with cheese

At least I didn’t knock Chelsea down running to the microwave. That was totally Some Boy's fault. I mean, when you see a two-year-old in the 99 percentile running towards you…the same feeling probably comes over the guys wearing white suits and red sashes during the running of the bulls.

Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles

I did my due diligence and read the instructions. I of course picked the “Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac.” A fine selection if I say so myself.

microwaving the meal

I fired up the microwave and added the required molecular energy to my meal.

Microwaving skillet singles

The instructions only say to cook it for three minutes (which I did) but come on…that’s like an hour in waiting for cheese time. Then, it was done and I tore open the cheese packet and stirred it in. Pretty simple.

father and son sharing a meal

Then came the difficult part; deciding to share with that kid my wife brought home two years ago. Man, he never leaves and keeps guilting me into feeding him with that tiny face. Ach, what a jerk.

Velveeta Cheesy Skillet SIngles Lasagna

SO, because he had half of my Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac, I made the “Lasagna with Meat Sauce.” Dang little kid wanted some of that too.

Come on guy! You don’t even pay rent.

If you're in a cheesy mood yourself, don't miss out on some helpful savings. The Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles packages I found at the store had a coupon on them for $1 off. Chelsea says they also had a newspaper insert last week for $1 off, for those who don't happen to see them on-package at the store.