my christmas wish list

I make no secret of the fact that I love online shopping. I avoid traditional stores like the plague (it's hard to navigate all the crowds with my babies), but I totally take advantage of awesome deals online. One of the questions I get asked most this season is what's on my Christmas wish list. I used to think it was because friends and family wanted to buy me stuff (sa-weet!), but I eventually found it was because they wanted what I wanted. It's a common thing around here, actually. I get readers emailing me and friends calling all the time, “Hey, where did you get that…? And what was the brand name? Can you tell me again how you got it for half off?” I actually really delight in answering their questions. I hear imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I guess it does make me feel a little flattered to know that other people find my recommendations helpful. I've even thought how fun it would be to become a personal shopper and do this kind of thing for a living…if only I had time for that.

Cashing in on my Christmas wish list?

Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way

Then it occurred to me: I'm constantly bookmarking things like my Christmas wish list. If I could just send that around and earn a commission off of sales when people buy items that I like for themselves, I could essentially be a personal shopper by doing exactly what I already do every day. That's where Shop Your Way Personal Shopper comes in. Shoppers can create lists of items from Sears, Kmart, Lands' End, MyGofer and more. Share those list with friends (you can even create lists specifically tailored to certain friends) and earn 1-2% commission on their purchases. So if you're like me and find your style being mimicked in everything from your choice of baby goods to kitchenware and accessories, now you can cash in! Sign up here to start sharing your own lists.

My Christmas wish list for 2012

my christmas wish list online

So this year, you can find my Christmas wish list online. On my Christmas wish list for 2012 are a lot of cozy home accents and gadgets to help simplify life a little bit. And yes, you can absolutely copy my awesome discoveries for yourself. You're welcome.

This post is sponsored by Shop Your Way  Personal Shopper. All opinions are my own.