spider collage

Being a momma to two little boys that are ages 3 & 5, I get my fair share {probably more, to be honest} of exposure to bugs. It was certainly something that took warming up to – I remember shrieking the first time my son brought me a bug. He held out his little clenched fist, “Here Mom!”. I had no idea what it was, so I opened my hand and excitedly waited for my little surprise. He opened his hand and out plopped a small spider, alive, right into my hand. Oh me oh my, that was the first and last time I ever took something so willingly out of a clenched fist from my little ones! However, I have learned how to embrace their love of creepy crawly things – especially those little 8-legged arachnids. My kids have taught me to love spiders…

Do you have a young one(s) interested in spiders as well? Here are a few activities that the y'all can do together while sparking your kiddo’s arachnophilia!

spider web hunt

We like to take walks early in the day, which just happens to be the best time for finding spider webs! My kids have developed their own little “spidey sense” for finding spider webs and are great “spider web hunters”. Every spider web they find {mostly they, I lack the spidey sense!} is exciting – the webs are all different sizes, have different spiders or different insects in them, are high or low to the ground and anchored to different plants or landscaping. There is no touching of the webs or the spiders, it’s just for checking them out and the excitement of finding them. :) This is a great way to start the day!

spider stories

I’ve mentioned before how much our family loves reading together – we are BOOK-LOVERS! I decided to find a couple books that tell stories about spiders. The two I ended up purchasing were The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. {2 blasts from the past!} It is always fun having storytime but it can be made even more fun when it’s about something the kiddos love – like spiders! I purchased only two spider-related kid’s books, there was a search result of over 8,000 selections on Amazon. {let’s get to reading!}

itsy bitsy spider

As if bedtime didn’t last long enough, we were somehow conned into adding the Itsy Bitsy Spider to the line-up. ;) 6 times total each night to be exact – 3 for each boy since we end the song with, “and the itsy bitsy spider crawled all over KID's NAME again” while tickling them. {longest goodnight ever, haha} I’m sure their giggles can be heard on the next street over! {possibly the loudest goodnight ever!} They love the “spider” crawling all over them and I love their adorable giggles.

To some people spiders are pests and to others they are pets. I am deciding that spiders are my family’s friends {ok, not the poisonous ones!} and that I will love them – if only for the fact they give me and my kids some of the most fun and silly times ever. :)