how hiring a housekeeper can change your life

“It's called Naked Clean,” she said. “Instead of layering on chemicals, they use probiotics on surfaces to naturally fight germs.”

“Kind of like what yogurt does for your stomach?”


I was skeptical about hiring a housekeeper, but I'd reached a bit of a breaking point when my friend Stacey reached out to ask if I wanted to try the services of a local cleaning company called Naked Clean. I seriously took it as a sign from God. It was time. I needed help. We've been going through some growing pains with the blog and, honestly, with life in general. I have to accept that as much of a do-it-yourselfer as I am, it's too much for me. It's too much for us. I don't want to look back on my life and remember a flurry of “just a minute“s and “hold on, honey“s with my family.

So we turned to Naked Clean for once-a-month help.

Naked Clean Changed my Life

naked clean

I was halfway expecting a crew of naked people to come mopping haphazardly around my home. Instead, a fully-dressed, pleasant team of two was dispatched from Naked Clean. They were armed with all-natural cleaners and every tool they could possibly need. They dusted and swept and vacuumed their way through what I had listed as my biggest problem areas: bathrooms, living room, office kitchen and dining areas. They gently moved my little knick-knacks out of the way and gracefully stacked my clutter. The San Diego cleaning company had even dispatched a customer service representative to my home beforehand to go over the whole process with us. We're commitment-phobes, but they understood our hesitation and worked with us without pressure or complicated contracts.

clean sink

In addition to being easy to work with, the Naked Clean people were efficient and effective. It took two people 3 hours each for the initial clean, and the place was back to beautiful when they left. I was even surprised to find one of them cleaning out our sink-side dish rack that we actually use most of the time for craft paintbrush drying. That girl scrubbed the heck out of those paint globs and it was practically new-looking when she was done. Talk about dedication!

naked clean

Nate was a seriously happy guy when they left. A clean home without a sweaty, tired stressed-out wife? Score.

family life

Just using their services once monthly helps put my mind at ease. I know now that even if I can't get to it, that deep cleaning will get done at some point and the house won't go to hell in a hand basket. I'm not spending every spare minute trying to tidy up. My hands aren't always full of cleaners and paper towels and gloves that I have to quickly ditch when the baby cries. I can sit calmly and be a responsive parent. And the price is right. For just $89 monthly, our house gets a 3-hour top-to-bottom scrub in all the areas I tend to ignore.

naked clean

I'm a calmer wife and mom, and work is more successful as well. I don't feel like I have a constant battle between work and home. I can focus on the task at hand. And I can breathe easy knowing that with Naked Clean, my family isn't surrounded by a bunch of chemicals.

Thanks, Naked Clean, for changing my life.