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We've been up to our ears in cold symptoms around here. Literally. It's the same thing every time: everyone gets a cold, which inevitably turns into a sinus infection, which invariably settles into an ear infection. No fun. So we've been using a bunch of natural cold remedies to help stop the progression in its tracks. Here are the tried-and-true natural cold remedies that work for our family.

Natural Cold Remedies for the Whole Family

Blow Your Nose
Step one: get rid of the buildup. Blow your nose often to keep all that gross mucus from settling in your sinuses and turning into a sinus infection. If you have a baby that's too young to blow their nose, use a bulb syringe to suction it out.

Chicken Noodle Soup
Medical experts have debated whether or not chicken noodle soup is scientifically proven to ward off colds, but the old tried-and-true chicken noodle soup remedy definitely has its merits. The nutrients and protein will help your body fend off germy invaders, while the hot steamy vapors will help loosen mucus in your sinuses. If you're not a fan of chicken noodle soup, drinking any sort of hot soup or tea has similar benefits. If your child refuses hot soup or tea, make sure that they get SOME sort of liquids (yes, even milk) to prevent dehydration.

Sleep It Off
Make sure to get plenty of sleep to give your body time to heal. Resting on an elevated slope propped against several pillows will help your sinuses drain naturally.

Salt Water
Gargle with warm salt water to ease a sore throat. Flushing a saline solution through your nasal passages with a sinus rinsing system helps clear out mucus and prevent sinus infections, too. For little kids, a few saline drops in the nose will help dry up goopy sinuses.

Humidifiers are lifesavers for stuffy kids, and they're one of the natural cold remedies that my doctors have always sworn by. Put a warm humidifier in their room overnight (somewhere safe, where they can't reach them) to help them breathe easier. A steamy shower works well, too.

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A dab of menthol salve under your nose can work wonders. I like to put a bit in the humidifier, too!