natural house cleaner

I've mentioned before that I already started some natural house cleaning processes before we moved – like using vinegar on our counters and in our steam mop – but I was determined that at our new place we would start using as many all-natural products as possible. There's nothing like a whole new place to help you hit the reset button on your habits! I ditched all the remaining toxic, chemical-filled stuff with our last landlord when we moved out and got all fresh stuff for our fresh, new house (and yes, I know you're all waiting for a complete photo tour…I'll get to that just as soon as I dig myself out from all the boxes).

natural house cleaning products

For the past two weeks that we've officially lived here, I've been natural house cleaning up a storm. The house was technically clean when we moved but, ya know, I have a thing about other people's germs and just needed to make a clean sweep of it. I got these fantastic natural house cleaning products from Aussan Natural that are free of artificial fragrances, dyes, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, and sodium lauryl sulfate. They're rated Green Tier, which is the highest standard on the Whole Foods Eco-Rating System for safety and environmental impact. Apparently some of the “green” products out there really aren't all that green (FYI: Simple Green is NOT natural), so it was important to me to thoroughly do my research and get products that wouldn't bring anything harmful or toxic into my home. Aussan Natural is a brand new company but they're already growing rapidly, now sold onĀ,,, as well as their own website and in certain Whole Foods stores.

natural house cleaning

We've been using the nursery odor eliminator and all-purpose nursery cleaner to get the nursery in order before the new baby comes along. The nursery we're using actually used to be an office with NO closet, so we have nowhere to stash any smelly baby stuff and have had to get a little creative with our storage. This natural odor eliminator has definitely come in handy during this adjustment phase, and I love that it doesn't smell too baby-ish or overpowering. We were using a plain old air freshener before, but it seemed to aggravate Some Boy's sinuses and I wasn't too thrilled when I went to read the ingredient list. From now on, air fresheners will be used sparingly around here…and definitely not in the nursery.

house tile cleaning

With tile floors throughout the entire house, I had to figure out how to clean tile rather quickly. Our tile is extra-porous, so even my typical vinegar solution was a little too harsh for it. The floor cleaner concentrate from Aussan Naturals is nice and mild so it doesn't do any damage, but gets the job done fast.

grill cleaner

And we're not forgetting about our outdoor space with our natural house cleaning initiative. A couple weeks ago, we were having a barbecue over at Oma and Opa's place and I saw Opa go at the barbecue with RAID. “The grill's dirty,” he explained, “Ants got to it.” Which got Nate and I thinking about the state of our own grill. Ants were rampant this summer with the abnormally high heat here in San Diego, and I'm sure there were all sorts of bugs crawling all over our grill that we just never noticed. Ewww. But Nate was quick to point out that spraying toxic stuff where you eat…basically means that you're eating toxic stuff. Problem solved with this natural grill cleaner. We're trying to remember to give the grill a quick spray and scrub with this stuff every time we use it to prevent it from becoming a bigger than necessary chore.