new baby nursery

I've been getting a TON of questions about the new baby nursery. Everyone wants to know what theme we'll be using, color choices since we didn't know the gender of the new baby before birth, etc. The truth is that I was so smitten with Some Boy's nursery that I really didn't want to change it that much after the move. The kids will be sharing a room for awhile (it's easier for me that way, not having to run around all over the place) and I'm trying to maintain some consistency in Some Boy's life with all the changes going on around him, so the new baby nursery is…well…not so new. We're slowly adding on to our safari theme with some cute accents and I'm really excited to be able to go all out with paint and fixtures now that we're no longer renting!

The New Baby Nursery

big boy bed

The biggest update to the new baby nursery is the introduction of Some Boy's big boy bed. We figure the baby will be bedside in a cradle in our room for 4-6 months and by the time we transition him or her to the nursery at night, Some Boy will be ready to upgrade to a big boy bed. We plan to add a safety rail so he can't roll out, of course. We bought this basic little frame on Craigslist and have a matching one for when the baby's eventually ready for a big kid bed. Best of all, the two frames can be kept separate or can turn into a bunk bed to save space!

new baby nursery accessories

A lot of our favorite little accents are making the transition into the new baby nursery that Some Boy and the new baby will share.

new baby nursery handmade touches

The stuffed animals I made for Some Boy are along for the new baby nursery ride. You'll notice we added dressers for more space, since the nursery doesn't have a closet. These dressers are actually from Nate's childhood, and we've been using them in our own room for a couple of years. We went ahead and recently updated all our bedroom furniture with a real, bonafide bedroom set that I am absolutely in love with. Pictures to come soon.

stuffed baby monkeys

The monkeys are still hanging around, naturally.

safari nursery leaves

We're keeping the awesome leaves that we used in Some Boy's last room. We scored these for $15 at Ikea and I really think they make the room. We painted the new baby nursery a nice shade of blue so it looks like the sky in the background…I'm thinking of eventually adding some fluffy white clouds as well, and maybe painting some tree trunks and whatnot.

nursery window

This cute bamboo shade came with the house. Obviously, the cord is a huge hazard and not baby-friendly at all. I've ordered a free kit online that's supposed to help baby proof it.

new baby changing table

We still have our hand-me-down Pottery Barn changing table that we talked about in our post about painting baby furniture. It's definitely a little worse for the wear after a couple moves, but for now I'll just pretend those little knicks and dings are “shabby chic” and intentional.

new baby nursery accents

Expanding on the safari theme with a few more jungle-themed pieces. I love this giraffe diaper holder (which I'm actually using to hold swaddling blankets).

new baby nursery

And I threw in this new zebra pillow to round out the theme. I like that it brings a slightly modern touch to the new baby nursery, so it's not too over-the-top cutesy.

stuffed bear

Mister Bear is obviously sticking around for the long haul. I'm planning on adding some hanging bookshelves above this dresser since SOMEONE keeps chewing on Some Boy's books that are currently lined along the wall.

Who Could That Be?

new baby nursery

Yes, Kracken, I'm talking about you.

new baby vs dog

Don't give me those innocent puppy dog eyes. I totally caught you gnawing on If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.